CIRCUIT HOUSE PUNE by Sunil Patil and Associates

Project brief: VVIP Circuit house is government guest house which accommodates VIP, VVIP officials, ministers and a large number of visitors. Though Circuit house is primarily a guest house, it also acts as a node for political meetings, government authorities’ discussions and conferences. Circuit houses mainly function as official destinations [ … ]

Toyota Corolla Shinosaka Meishin Ibaraki by Takenaka Corporation

Toyota Corolla Shinosaka Meishin Ibaraki by Takenaka Corporation World Architecture & Design Awards 2019 First Award | Category: Commercial  Architects: Mitamura Satoshi Studio: Takenaka Corporation Team: Yonezu Masaomi/ Mitamura Satoshi Country: Japan Another great opportunity. APR’s next award Global Future Design Awards 2019 is open for Registration. Don’t miss the chance, its [ … ]

London Mithraeum by Studio Joseph

Taking together archaeology, artifact installation, and contemporary art commissions, London Mithraeum invites visitors to encounter a spectacular showcase of history that recounts the mystery of the ancient cult of Mithras that once worshipped in the ancient city of Londinium. World Architecture & Design Awards 2019 Third Award | Category: Cultural [ … ]

University of Pennsylvania Department of Management & Technology by Studio Joseph

University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Management and Technology offers a dual degree in engineering and business to fewer than 200 undergraduate students. This 8,500-square-foot building serves as their social and intellectual hub on campus. Originally constructed as a residence in the late 1800s, the building served various uses and underwent [ … ]

Hilton Yala by SODA (Thailand) Ltd.

Hilton Yala by SODA (Thailand) Ltd. World Architecture & Design Awards 2019 First Award Award | Category: Hospitality (Concept) Architects: Stephen O’Dell Studio: SODA (Thailand) Ltd. Team: Brian Gillett, Malee Mookda, Denis Lincelles, Paovalee Pojanapreecha, Wana Chansawat, Phatsorn Wuttiwongphakdee, Thaiyamon Chaengruangthong, Thunyanut Supa Country: Thailand Website: www.soda-thai.com Another great opportunity. [ … ]

3_hights by büro für bauform

Design requirements and design concept: The project is an attempt to create high-quality architecture and a modern home with unconventional methods. The focus here was the cost-efficient building activity and scrutinizing supposedly legal standards. A significant part of the solution was to transfer material from the industrial construction into housing [ … ]

In Situ Slum Rehabilitation Project for Urban Poor Under BSUP, JNNUR Scheme, Yerwada, Pune by Prasanna Desai Architects

The Government of India, has initiated a housing scheme, BSUP (Basic Services for the Urban Poor) under JNNURM (Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission),to find housing & slum development strategies for 1,200 households, Through the efforts and vision, the long term goal of the Pune Municipal Corporation is to achieve [ … ]

Play_Of_Light by LK&PROJEKT

Project „Play Of Light” has been devised for people who value comfort of use, modernity and originality in construction. The building’s light form rises to the height of two floors. It perfectly fits into the landscape in areas sheltered by forest, open-air plots, and in single-family housing estates alike. Large-area [ … ]

The Untrodden Trail – Al Baqourah by Jude Abu El Ghanam

Capturing the exquisite abandoned & unreclaimed controversial land of Al-Baqourah, located on the Northern borderline between Jordan & Occupied Palestine by a journey that narrates the site’s story and uncovers the inaccessible fragments of the site which holds historical, natural & architectural significance. World Architecture & Design Awards 2019 First [ … ]

ATAL TOWERS by AP Szczepaniak

ATAL TOWERS by AP Szczepaniak World Architecture & Design Awards 2019 First Award | Category: Mixed Use Architects: Agnieszka Szczepaniak Studio: AP Szczepaniak Team Members: Artur Szczepaniak, Paweł Szczepaniak, Ewa Englart, Anna Błasiak, Julia Kabza, Radosław Zając, Edyta Białes, Michał Zgorzyński, Agnieszka Piskorska, Agnieszka Szczepaniak, Anna Kubicha, Ewa Serzysko, Justyna [ … ]

Sky City by Design SPI

Cities are becoming more densely populated and with it comes new high-rise architecture solutions to house the expanding urban populations.  Towers in the past embodied the vertical multiplication of the ground to maximize the buildable area leaving minimal, if any, connection between the floors, thus working against notions of community.  [ … ]

Space by Ueberholz GmbH

Space, fascinatingly different. Whatever you personally associate with space. Fascinating architecture. Modern design. Latest media technology. Space, that is 200 square meters of space on the green Wuppertal south heights, stands for free thinking and experience without limits. World Architecture & Design Awards 2019 First Award | Category: Office Space [ … ]

Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation Offices by Smith-Miller + Hawkinson Architects LLP

The new offices for the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation (BNYDC) on the 9th Floor of a recently rehabilitated warehouse at the Yard set design standards for new workspace in this historic building. World Architecture & Design Awards 2019 First Award | Category: Office Corporate Architects: Laurie Hawkinson Studio: Smith-Miller [ … ]

Interior VanBerlo by Atelier van Berlo

Atelier van Berlo designs new headquarters of the international Design-driven-innovation agency VanBerlo in Eindhoven The former power plant of Philips in Eindhoven is transformed into a multi-tenant office building; the Innovation Powerhouse. It is an open ecosystem to inspire collaboration, co-creation and innovation. As initiator of the transformation, VanBerlo’s headquarters [ … ]