Category: 2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

3rd Award: Spring City 66 by Concept i

Spring City 66 is the single largest commercial complex in Kunming, China. It is the city’s latest landmark and the ninth Mainland project for Hang Lung Development. 3rd Award- Global Future Design Awards 2020Firm | Concept iArchitect/Designer | Concept iCategory | Commercial Interior BuiltTeam | Concept iCountry | ThailandPhotographer/Copyright | ©Concept [ … ]

3rd Award: Citystars by Concept i

In early 2018, Concept i was commissioned to carry out the comprehensive renovation design of Citystars retail mall. The renovation focusses on the 250,000 (GFA) sq. m mall including a completely integrated approach to architecture, interiors, lighting, wayfinding, digital media, landscape and sustainability. With 8 levels, and spread across a [ … ]


Barcelona-based interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán chats about River Oaks District foodie hot spot MAD. Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020Firm | LAZARO ROSA VIOLAN STUDIOArchitect/Designer | Lazaro Rosa ViolanCategory | Interior Design BuiltTeam | Lazaro Rosa Violan, Santiago Inat, Andrea CorbieCountry | SpainPhotographer/Copyright | ©LAZARO ROSA VIOLAN STUDIO It’s true. [ … ]


Context: A fine dine restaurant/lounge spread across a single floor plate of 7000sq.ft situated in the coastal town of eastern part of India, Bhubaneshwar. Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020Firm | KNS ARCHITECTSArchitect/Designer | NEEMESH SHAHCategory | Interior Design BuiltTeam | BHAVESH MEWADACountry | IndiaPhotographer/Copyright | ©SEBASTIAN ZACHARIA- PHOTOGRAPHIX Concept [ … ]

Special Mention: Eva Apartment by FGMF Architects

Special Mention: Eva Apartment by FGMF Architects Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020Firm | FGMF ArchitectsArchitect/Designer | Fernando ForteCategory | Interior Design BuiltTeam | Fernando Forte, Lourenço Gimenes, Rodrigo Marcondes, Aryane Diaz, Gabriel Mota, Guilherme Prado, Henrique Dias, José Carlos Navarro, Letícia GonzalezCountry | BrazilPhotographer/Copyright | ©Fran Parente

Special Mention: Bird House With a Rotating Wall by LoHA-Laboratory of Hiroshi Yamada Architect

Although human beings and birds are completely different in appearance, there are many common parts. Birds, like humans, are said to have communication skills, rich emotions, experience space and surrounding environment, and have their own aesthetics. In other words, birds, like humans, have their own comfort. From this, this project [ … ]

Special Mention: The Death And Life Of Water: Improving Water Use In Jaipur, India by

The project was dealing with the water issues in Jaipur, India, researching on the possibility of transforming the challenges to opportunities by improving water infrastructures and management at housing and public space. Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020Architect/Designer | Chenjie XiongCategory | Residential Interior BuiltTeam | Chenjie XiongCountry | United [ … ]

Special Mention: SELENE ISLE 1026 by HWCD

The style of this project transforms regional features, cultural elements and artistic materials into design language.The designer embodies the quality of the space and aesthetic experience, bringing people a satisfying and pleasant living experience. Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020Firm | HWCDArchitect/Designer | HWCDCategory | Residential Interior BuiltTeam | JIN [ … ]

Special Mention: Institut de chirurgie mini-invasive guidée par l’image by S&AA Schweitzer et Associes Architectes

The new University Hospital Institute in Strasbourg is an ambitious project that looks towards the future while being rooted in what already exists, interacting with the hospital of which it forms a part. The project demonstrates how important it was to integrate the Institute with the existing hospital. On a [ … ]

Special Mention: Casa sul Parco by Deamicisarchitetti

An apartment renovation project in the historic center of Milan, on the top floor (terrace extension), has confronted us with the increasingly recurring theme of “building on buildings”. Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020Firm | Deamicisarchitetti Architect/Designer | Deamicisarchitetti Category | Residential Interior BuiltTeam | Giacomo De Amicis, Rossella Destefani, [ … ]

Special Mention: KIPP Columbus | Battelle Environmental Center by Flansburgh Architects

The new Center is a hub for environmental exploration, research, and observation. It provides hundreds of students throughout Central Ohio with the opportunity to explore different habitats, map features with cutting-edge drone technology, and monitor species. The Center includes a laboratory, event space, and meeting rooms with floor to ceiling glass [ … ]

Special Mention: C.E.I.P. Clemente Fernandez de la Devesa, Medina del Campo (Valladodid) by Eduardo Miguel González Fraile

Two building wings delimit a rectangular plot with its playground. The first wing, with administrative program, services and housing of the concierge, accompanies the access ramp to a lobby where the two wings converge and vertical communications are installed. Here begins the classroom wing that colonizes the other side of [ … ]

Special Mention: The sales center of Dengfeng Song by Shanghai PCD Architecture Interior Design CO Ltd

Paul Gauguin used to ask the world that “where do we come from? And where are we going?” In the process of design, the retrospect to the origin delivers the future for us. Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020Firm | Shanghai PCD Architecture Interior Design CO LtdArchitect/Designer | Jian LiCategory | Commercial [ … ]

Special Mention: C.P. Rosario Pereda Viana de Cega (Valladolid) by Eduardo Miguel González Fraile

The program is within the framework, strict and conditioned, of a plot that must release the land adjacent to the train tracks. The pieces are organized around a double-height central space for greater packaging and spatial richness. The project investigates the volumetry resulting from assuming alignments and guidelines always oblique [ … ]

Special Mention: Tianyuan Waite Beauty Club by Jiuying Design Studio

The Tianyuan Waite Beauty Club is on the 12th floor of the top floor of the office building.  Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020Firm | Jiuying Design StudioArchitect/Designer | Jin ZengCategory | Commercial Interior BuiltTeam | Jin Zeng, Beibei Liu, Shudong Yu, Shenghu WangCountry | ChinaPhotographer/Copyright | ©Jin Zeng At that time, [ … ]

Special Mention: Lider Store Campinas by FGMF Architects

Special Mention: Lider Store Campinas by FGMF Architects Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020Firm | FGMF ArchitectsArchitect/Designer | Fernando ForteCategory | Commercial ConceptTeam | Bruno Suman, Daniela Zavagli, Desyree Niedo, Gabriel Mota, Guilherme Braga, Gustavo Hohmann, Henrique Dias, João Baptistella, Sonia GouveiaCountry | BrazilPhotographer/Copyright | ©Gustavo Siqueira