2022 CD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | The Grand Marine Clubhouse | Kira Design Ltd

The Clubhouse integrates art, modern and multicultural experiences into interior space, to create a multicultural public space for residents. The whole clubhouse employs beige tones with golden steel decor, and with a large area of marble, extravagant and luxurious, making the overall look and feel explicitly bright and elegant.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Chinese Design Awards 2022

The Grand Marine Clubhouse
Mixed-Use Interior Built

Kira Design Ltd

Kim Wong

Design Team
Kim Wong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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Under the epidemic, space safety and living environment have become people’s concerns. The clubhouse becomes a special space for creativity and for people to enjoy life.

A sensory journey begins when residents stepped into the clubhouse, offering a blend of the best Eastern and Western hospitality in an atmosphere of unmatched classical grandeur and timeless elegance.

Designer added different functional rooms with considering human needs. There are piano room and band room to fit different music desires.

The art and craft room, which has floor-to-ceiling glass to allow natural light to enter, allowing users to release stress. To break the dull atmosphere of the traditional library, designer used a lively streamlined shape on the stepped seating and ceiling, with soft lighting that oozes out as an infinite imagination extension from a book.

In the gym room, the three-dimensional wave wall complements the leaf pattern on ceiling, making residents feel a sense of harmony of being one with nature when exercising.

With the continuous development of various emerging technologies, the clubhouse dares to invest in such technologies and built a VR Studio to break out of past patterns. The studio breaks the established impression of traditional sports and adds much joy to life.

The banquet function room is decorated with grey-toned wallpaper and yellow-toned marble and brightened with off-white marble floors and furniture. The jumping round chandelier reveals oriental aesthetics without losing modern luxury.

The children’s playroom is based on the castle theme, using colorful colors to add different animal elements, creating a dreamy atmosphere, to stimulates children’s creativity.

In the changing room, the designer used beige-gray bricks as the walls, with different artistic oil paintings and modern sculptures, to create calm atmosphere. The changing rooms are equipped with musical chairs, allowing users to take a break in a private space.

The artworks placed in everywhere reveal themselves elegant through the reflection of the light and mirror, a meandering of light and shadow with delicately drawn lines. They have unveiled a unique beauty of luxury, elevating a modern and luxury personality for the Clubhouse.