WADA 2019 Residential

House on the mountain by Juri Troy Architects

This unique house is just as much a product of nature as of humans. It is in perfect harmony with the landscape that surrounds it. In fact, the house is a result of its natural environment and, in particular, a tremendous tree, an oak worthy of the most magical fairy tales.

World Architecture & Design Awards 2019
Third Award | Category: Residential
Architects: Juri Troy
Studio: Juri Troy Architects
Country: Austria
Website: www.juritroy.com

The House on the Mountain was conceived as house for one family with three additional holiday apartments. It softly nestles against the slope and it’s size, roof shape and materials are inspired by the traditional „Wälderhaus“ of this region.

The plot shapes the volume horizontally and vertically. As a result the public entrance can be accessed from the lower level and the private family entrance can be reached from the ground floor. The Footprint corresponds to a square with two beveled corners in the northwest and southeast.

The hexagonal shape means that regardless of your own viewpoint, you always have two façade surfaces in view. The façade is covered by silver fir shingles and additionally structured through horizontal window strips. The house is an externally insulated CLT-construction with the exception of the ground-contacting components made of concrete.

The interior is equally furnished in wood. The solid wood construction and the use of home grown wood allows a minimal carbon dioxide consumption. The holistic energy concept comprises the use of a short distance district heating and an energy roof with 112 m² of photovoltaic and solar panels, which are ideally orientated and deliver electricity as well as warm water.

The three guest apartments as well as the bathrooms and children’s rooms of the owners are ventilated by a ventilation system with heat recovery. In the master bedroom and in the living room, the skylights take over the ventilation throughout the year. All together this house produces more energy than it consumes – is therefore an ACTIVEHOUSE – and can be used without producing any additional carbon!

50% of the wood used for the building grew, was sawn and processed within a radius of 1 km. All crafts involved came from a radius of 25 km from the site.

3 apartments right on the ski trail
Regional materials and craftsmen
Working and living under one roof
Wood from the owner’s own forest
Optimal alignment of views
Daylight evaluation
112 m2 PV system
Energy efficiency factor A ++

Begin of Design Process:                               March 2012
Begin of Construction:                                    October 2013
Completion:                                                     December 2014
Area:                                                               541 m2
Plot Size:                                                         901 m2
CO2 Emissions:                                              6 kg/m2 (A++)
Total Energy Efficiencies Factor:                   0,51 (A++)
Solar Panels:                                                   112 m²
Characteristic Energy Value                         25,7 kWh/m2a
Primary Energy Supply                                 105 kWh/m2a

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