UDAD Awards 2019

Winner- SV House | Jofre Roca arquitectes SLP

The aim of the Casa SV project is to live in a contemporary house, in the middle of the city, with the privileges of the countryside. Traditional construction elements were used such as the tile roof, the use of stone, ceramics, and brick, solid wood beams, among others. Likewise, passive energy solutions, natural resources, and proximity materials were used.


Winner – Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Firm | Jofre Roca arquitectes SLP
Category | House Design (Built)
Team | Jofre Roca, Laura Molina, Gabriel Horrach, Ana Solano, Anna Villarroya
Country | Spain

The brick pieces were designed in the studio and handcrafted by the local factory. For the manufacture of the brick uses a mixture of sand and clays from the Baix Camp and the Baix Ebre. Together, they give the brick a balance of elasticity and hardness. Four molds of different dimensions were designed according to their function. Two of them are located in the corners, one is used fill and another, the main piece that configures the wall, allowed the desired end. The colors of the piece depend on the exposure to the flame, so it gets a more or less reddish color. Result achieved through its craft process.

The unit of the brick determines the size of the spaces and also the modules of the steel frames, which rest on the brick walls. This metal grid modulates the project according to the desired needs and limits. It is then a flexible systematization that gives an implicit order to the entire project. We design fittings in the solid oak beams to integrate them into the steel profiles, which form the grid.

The SV House consists of three levels. On the ground floor, in the larger bays, are the common areas, living room, kitchen and dining room. Other services are in a third module, with smaller dimensions, adjusting to the limits of the plot. In the basement, the services have independent access. As well as the guest bedroom, the multipurpose room, and bathrooms have access to the garden and the garage. On the upper floor are the children’s bedrooms sharing bathrooms in pairs. The last and largest module contains the suite.

The spaces of the house are open to the exterior. On the facade, perpendicular walls and planters traverse the boundaries. The relationship between the interior and the environment is established through the garden. There is a continuity from the interior towards the exterior were the boundaries blur. On the facade, we extend the cantilever to create a shadow that regulates the entry of the sun’s rays in summer. A skylight is also designed inside the house to help the natural ventilation system. The SV House is a project that shows sensitivity and respect for the site. It uses traditional production methods with a high level of aesthetics. It is a house to live intensely which has contact with the surrounding nature and incomparable views of Barcelona.