2022 UDAD 馃弳 Awards

Gold Winner | Aijia 路 Warm Jade | AIJIA GROUP

Warm Jade is a renovation project, which needs to change function from aging sales office into a brand-new community activity center. There were many disadvantages such as the light was quite dim before, function was single and low spatial utilization limited activity. Therefore, we modify those shortages during the process, such as unify the color to improve the quality of the whole space, add more functional zones, so as to improve the comprehensive experience of the occupants.

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Gold 馃弳 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2022

Aijia 路 Warm Jade
Interior Design Built



Design Team

Anshan, China



The project is located in Anshan, Liaoning province, which is famous for its rich natural resources as called city of steel and jade, which is the muse of the design style. On the one hand, the grandeur style of the project is inspired by the rough characteristic as a city of steel, such as the large wall painting in the rest area, the big bonsai, the floor lamp, and the device representing harvest in the book bar. On the other hand, the cream-colored textural finish resembles the sense of jade-gentle and soft, demonstrating the other aspect of Anshan as a city of jade.

We work hard to create a comprehensive community center through dimensional function, including book bar, children鈥檚 zone, rest area, residents’ gallery and so forth, to create an enjoyable life all-round. This space is intended to be an extension of the resident鈥檚 home, where everyone can grow up within a cheerful, warm, jade-like environment.

The bar counter is designed as a scale measuring the city. The circular device is as the wheel of time, turning forever. The demonstration area is transformed as a gallery for people to show their art works here. The hollowed-out approach is used to retrofit the sand table model area to enhance the spatial depth, so that the spacious layout after renovation has a broader vision and contributes more comfortable spatial experience, which is more convenient for community activity. Besides, the round and smooth arch is helpful to reduce the sharp and improve the utilization. Breaking the original boundary to an 鈥渦nbounded鈥 concept, the future community is coming forth under the vast field dimension.

The moving line of the chatting area is flexible. The space boasts various sense of touch since the blending of the materials of wood, metal and leather. The bright and fresh space with a simple style is more enjoyable embellished with orange-colored soft loading design and interesting decorations. The bar is not only for occupants to drink here, but also to be as the functional partition. The design of children鈥檚 zone is a kind of capsule-style station for them to have fun freely, which is a territory for their adventure dream.