UDAD Awards Winners 2024

APR Hosted Awards 2024 Highlights of the competition this year are outstanding designs. We are delighted to congratulate the Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024. Hosted by APR with the idea of acknowledging the works of professionals and students across the globe in the architecture and design field.  

This year we have received a huge number of amazing projects in the Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024. Congratulations to all architects and designers.

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UDAD Awards 2024 Winners: AECOM, B+H, ECADI, NIHON SEKKEI, Wong & Tung International Limited, Amaart srl, HENN, Parkin Architects Limited, CORE Architects Inc., MINARC, UArchitects, J.MAYER.H und Partner, Architekten mbB, Gerber Architekten/ Huasen Architecture and Engineering Design Consulting Co., Ltd., Moriyama Teshima Architects, RTDA Architects, WTA Architecture and Design Studio, Genpro, ADM Architects, Borisov Architects, Greater Group, Works Progress Architecture, IFAgroup, KMJ+A, HYP-ARCH DESIGN, PSA Arquitetura, spAce, ENJOYDESIGN, Atelier Shanghai Dachuan Architects, I-Frontline Design, Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd., Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute, Fortune International Group / Oak Capital, Mid Design, INDO Architekci, grabowski.spork architektur, ABD Architecture LLC, ARCHITECTS OFFICE, ZDG Design, Arcplus-sxadl, ZHOYU, CIMET Arquitectos, CAA architects, OFFTEC – VALLE 3.0 – ODINIPA INGEGENERIA – GEOL. NOLASCO, Carlson Design Home, Aesthetic of Space Design Co., Ltd., SLADI / HCET Shanghai, GND Jiedi Landscape Design, Kyearn Architecture, Zhou Qi Studio of Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd of Southeast University, MARAZZI ARCHITETTI, Chris Williamson Architect, OFFICEUNTITLED, Future City (Shanghai) Design Consulting Co., LTD, Farrells,Urban Architectural Lab (UAL), Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd. of Southeast University (AESEU), doisarquitectos, and more. 

Gold Winner | Wuhan Sanzhen Center | AECOM

Gold Winner | Urban Planning of Qingdao North Railway Station Transportation and Business Center | ECADI | AECOM | NIHON SEKKEI

Gold Winner | Shenzhen Natural History Museum | B+H

Gold Winner | VoltAir | J.MAYER.H und Partner, Architekten mbB

Gold Winner | FAMOUS | ADM Architects

Gold Winner | 210 Bloor | CORE Architects Inc.

Gold Winner | SUS Tech School of Medicine | Gerber Architekten/ Huasen Architecture and Engineering Design Consulting Co., Ltd.

Gold Winner | Urban Design and Renewal of East Nanjing Avenue | ECADI

Gold Winner | Forum66, Shenyang | Wong & Tung International Limited

Gold Winner | Premier Inn Wiesbaden City Centre Hotel | grabowski.spork architektur

Gold Winner | Jois | Genpro

Gold Winner | THE SOURCE | HENN

Gold Winner | The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Pompano Beach | Fortune International Group / Oak Capital

Gold Winner | 24 – Phase III | Works Progress Architecture

Gold Winner | The Royale | Wong Tung & Partners Limited

Gold Winner | JHA Corporate | PSA Arquitetura

Gold Winner | TWIST | ADM Architects

Gold Winner | Kai Xuan Plaza, Zhengzhou | Wong & Tung International Limited

Gold Winner | Headquarter Azhur Holding | Amaart srl

Gold Winner | Yandex.Go Office | RTDA Architects

Gold Winner | The Grand Marine | Wong Tung & Partners Limited

Gold Winner | NAOS | spAce

Gold Winner | Murdoch Residence | Kyearn Architecture

Gold Winner | AlpIce | MINARC

Gold Winner | Office Complex on Istomina Street in Khabarovsk | Borisov Architects

Gold Winner | Future City Art Design Center Of Hyper City | Shanghai Jinqiao Group

Gold Winner | Glorieta Cibeles Tower | CIMET Arquitectos

Gold Winner | The Future Wing | HYP-ARCH DESIGN

Gold Winner | Rouge National Urban Park – Visitor, Learning, and Community Centre | Moriyama Teshima Architects

Gold Winner | Heartburst | OFFICEUNTITLED


Gold Winner | Jardin Al Andalus | Chris Williamson Architect

Gold Winner | The Sports Forest | MARAZZI ARCHITETTI

Gold Winner | Malaya Ordynka 19 | ADM Architects

Gold Winner | Bayers Lake Community Outpatient Centre | Parkin Architects Limited

Gold Winner | Ferdinand E. Marcos Stadium | WTA Architecture and Design Studio

Gold Winner | Heka City | Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

Gold Winner | West Mountain Innovation Valley | Beijing Collaborative Innovation Park | CAA architects

Gold Winner | The Circle of Life | UArchitects

Gold Winner | Eco Modular Home | UArchitects

Gold Winner | Boutique Warszauer Hotel | INDO Architekci

Gold Winner | Dapeng Binhai New Area Health Industrial Park | ZHOYU

Gold Winner | Optus Bourke St. Mall | Greater Group

Gold Winner | Residential Complex on Bolshaya Ordynka Street in Moscow | Borisov Architects

Gold Winner | Cascade Mausoleum | Mitchell Wall Architecture and Design

Gold Winner | Longyin Villa | I-Frontline Design

Gold Winner | Land No.19 Chengdu Tianfu Low Density Commercial Project | HZS

Gold Winner | “PARQUE DE CULTURA URBANA” | Secretaría de Obras y Servicios de la CDMX Tecnósfera-Bruno Jarhani

Gold Winner | Natatorium of Southeast University | Zhou Qi Studio of Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd of Southeast University


Gold Winner | Urban design of shipping, trade and finance integration innovation base of China(Shandong) Pilot Free Trade Zone Qingdao Area | Future City (Shanghai) Design Consulting Co., LTD

Gold Winner | The Lagonaki Mountain Eco-Resort | RTDA Architects

Gold Winner | Dental Clinic | IFAgroup

Gold Winner | Winfinity workplace | Carlson Design Home

Gold Winner | Parque Urbano das Marinhas | doisarquitectos

Gold Winner | The Ancient Canal City: Acupuncture Vital Points – Huai’an Dutian Temple District Urban Design | Urban Architectural Lab (UAL), Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd. of Southeast University (AESEU)

Gold Winner | ARC’TERYX Store, Taikoo Li Chengdu | ARC’TERYX ISE & VVYY Group & STILL YOUNG



Gold Winner | WE NEW DO . RAIL IN | Mid Design

Gold Winner | Shanghai Rainbow Bay Community Park: Urban Brownfield Restoration Using Low-Impact Development Technology | SLADI / HCET Shanghai

Gold Winner | Zosia’s house | IFAgroup

Gold Winner | Glittering Waves | Aesthetic of Space Design Co., Ltd.


Gold Winner | Urban design on both sides of Zhongxing Road in Shaoxing Ancient City | Tongji Architectural Design (Group)Co., Ltd.

Gold Winner | Next Town | GND Jiedi Landscape Design

Gold Winner | Grand Tsuru Niseko | ABD Architecture LLC

Gold Winner | Bridges Over Maolong Waterway | ZDG Design

Gold Winner | Reshape the Spatial Background of Tanko: Commercial Block Reconstruction in Beijing | Atelier Shanghai Dachuan Architects

Gold Winner | Regeneration of East Zhejiang Canal Riverside, Shaoxing Keqiao | Tongji Architectural Design (Group)Co., Ltd.

Gold Winner | ‘The Landscape of Learning’, Campus for Children & Rural Community | KMJ+A

Gold Winner | “Eye of the World” in the Qingdao International Cruise Port Launch Area | Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd.

Gold Winner | Wuxi Li Lake Future City Master Plan | Tongji Architectural Design (Group)Co., Ltd.

Gold Winner | Zhongshan Talents Park | ZDG Design

Gold Winner | Green Flow | Bali Investments

Gold Winner | Conceptual planning and urban design for Sino-German future city | Future City (Shanghai) Design Consulting Co., LTD

Gold Winner | Balancing natural growth and urban sprawl: Landscape Restoration of Shanghai Jiabei Country Park | Arcplus-sxadl

Gold Winner | Guangzhou Urban Color Planning and Design | Guangzhou University & Guangzhou Hongyu Architectural Design Co., Ltd

Gold Winner | Rizhao Jimei Vientiane Model House | Shanghai Yicai Design Co., Ltd.

Gold Winner | Social Justice Center | Jia Zhang

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024
— Congratulations to all —
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