2024 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Urban Planning of Qingdao North Railway Station Transportation and Business Center | ECADI | AECOM | NIHON SEKKEI

We envisioned a new urban area in front of the terminal station that combines historical, cultural, transportational, industrial, and environmental elements that represent the bay city of Qingdao. By connecting various places in the area with nodes along the “Activity Cloud Loop,” people’s activities and interactions are encouraged, leading to a more vibrant city. The pedestrian-oriented public space will connect the business, historical-cultural, and residential areas with the transit function, and visualize a variety of urban activities while integrating the station and the city.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024

Urban Planning of Qingdao North Railway Station Transportation and Business Center
Urban Planning (Under Construction)


Bin Niu, Jun Zha

Design Team
Zhenhua Xin, Yi Chen, Yini Jin, Weiyu Liu, Qi Gao, Chenyuan Xia, Zhengxin Ni, Zhenyu Xi, Mengqi Chen, Mingfeng Dong, Yang Gu, Yixin Zhang, Haiying Ge, Hiramoto Tetsuya, Miyagi Yuji , Hui Zhou, Ling Li, Wangyang Song, Xu Xu, Yu Liu

Qingdao, Shandong



Qingdao North Railway Station area is undergoing a series of urban renewal and development. In July 2023, Qingdao TOD (public transport-oriented urban space development mode) development pilot project – Qingdao Innovation and entrepreneurship vitality Zone development attracted “big moves” frequently, and Qingdao North Railway Station area renewal process accelerated. The project is located in the geometric center of the peninsula, the north-south traffic throat, relying on the “2+3+2” transportation network (airport, high-speed rail, subway line 1, 3, 8 transfer, cross-sea bridge, Huanwan Avenue), the traffic advantage is obvious.

The site is adjacent to the coastline of Jiaozhou Bay to the west. Looking to the west, you can have a panoramic view of the entire Jiaozhou Bay, which has an excellent landscape vision. At the same time, the site itself is also an important part of the coastline of Jiaozhou Bay, shaping the new skyline of Jiaozhou Bay. The Jiao-Ji railway line connects many industrial cultural heritages. With the renewal and development along the Jiao-ji Railway line, a new and unique Jiao-ji railway cultural belt is formed and radiates to the east, activating the Old town area of Licang.

The location of Qingdao North Railway Station is very special. It is located in the waist-waist zone of the city. Huanwan Road on the west side and Siliuzhong Road on the east side are important arteries for north-south traffic in Qingdao, with a large daily traffic flow, almost saturation during peak hours and frequent congestion. Therefore, the traffic design in the North Railway Station plot plays a crucipressure of Huanwan Road and Siliuzhong Road.

      Starting from the North Station Hub, the overall design area is within 800M walking distance. Combined with the functional attributes of the surrounding plots, the dynamic cloud ring is created around the east side of the North Station Hub. The station traffic can easily reach the surrounding functional plates through the dynamic cloud ring, forming a colorful and dynamic urban core. At the same time, the people of various plots can also easily reach the North Station Hub through the dynamic cloud ring, fully integrating the regional chronic system and shaping a TOD area with a beautiful environment. Station hub adopts multi-level spatial connection to strengthen the integration of station and city. The overall formation of the peninsula gateway image circle, double-rail efficient business circle, cultural creativity vitality circle, scientific and technological innovation service circle, theme livable life circle and future city demonstration circle and other six theme areas, function to shape the future-oriented and dynamic North Station Hub area.