Winners 2022 Global Future Design Awards

APR Hosted Awards 2022 Highlights of the competition this year are outstanding designs. We are delighted to congratulate Global Design Awards 2022. Hosted by APR with the idea of acknowledging the works of professionals and students across the globe in the architecture and design field.  

Another great opportunity. APR’s next award Global Future Design Awards 2023. is open for Registration. Don’t miss the chance, it’s a huge platform for designers. 

APR GFD Awards 2022 Winners: Perkins&WIll, DO Design Group + Aedas, AMAART, Wong Tung & Partners Limited, sanzpont [arquitectura], Moriyama & Teshima Architects with Smoke Architecture, Concept i, BLUR Workshop, ISTUDIO Architects, Dewan Architects + Engineers, dwp | design worldwide partnership, 5+design, HWCD, wolff:architekten, Mercurio Design Lab, Arshia Architects, GND Jiedi Landscape Design, Thinc Design, United Units Architects, Ortiz Leon Arquitectos, Parkin Architects Limited, Cube Consultants, Jakupa Architects, Shanghai PTArchitects, team+ design consultant, DANIEL STATHAM STUDIO, Regalia Group + Forte Design Partners, FTA, TIANJIN TIANHUA northern architectural design, RUF Architects, Urban Design Section, Nova architects and engineers, Puretao Architects, DNA Barcelona Architects, Lemanarc SA, Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute, SHANGHAI TONGJI URBAN PLANNING & DESIGN INSTITUTE CO, ADR Laboratory, China Architecture Design & Research Group, PT Architecture Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., DESMOOD, inter_design, GEEDESIGN, Housing & Development Board, Building & Research Institute, and many more…

Gold Winner | Waldyr Beira Building | Perkins&WIll

Gold Winner | Limberlost Place | Moriyama & Teshima Architects

Gold Winner | River Park | Nova architects and engineers

Gold Winner | Mukwa Waakaa’igan Indigenous Centre for Cultural Excellence | Moriyama & Teshima Architects with Smoke Architecture

Gold Winner | Shanghai Jing’an North International Science And Technology Innovation Community | FTA

Gold Winner | Wuhan New Hope D10 | DO Design Group + Aedas

Gold Winner | Advanced Manufacturing Centre (AMC) | Wong Tung & Partners Limited

Gold Winner | Twin Oaks Community Garden | ISTUDIO Architects

Gold Winner | Chateau Elan: Atrium, Restaurant & Lounge | BLUR Workshop

Gold Winner | ZZJ18 – Gemstone Apartments | Wong Tung & Partners Limited

Gold Winner | Dragon Tower | Dewan Architects + Engineers

Gold Winner | Eric Tweedale Stadium | dwp | design worldwide partnership

Gold Winner | Jinko Energy Hongqiao Enterprise Headquarters | HWCD

Gold Winner | Robotically Fabricated Structure (RFS) | ADR Laboratory

Gold Winner | Vigna Clara Railway station Restyling Project | AMAART

Gold Winner | SUZHOU GALACTIC SUPER CAMPUS | Daniel Statham Studio

Gold Winner | Hengqin International Financial Center Sales Office | HWCD

Gold Winner | Arqbórea | Ortiz Leon Arquitectos

Gold Winner | Nassim Quattro | Mercurio Design Lab S.r.l.

Gold Winner | Tuscaloosa Co-Working | BLUR Workshop

Gold Winner | YUN Park | GOA (Group of Architects)

Gold Winner | Huashan White Stone Art Museum | Shanghai PTArchitects

Gold Winner | TMN Lobby | sanzpont [arquitectura]

Gold Winner | Greenland, Vienna | DNA Barcelona Architects

Gold Winner | Haus am Petzinsee | wolff:architekten

Gold Winner | UFO | Cube Consultants

Gold Winner | Beer Hall | BLUR Workshop

Gold Winner | The Mountain Mansion Sales Center | Big Fish Design

Gold Winner | The Lotus pond, Pearl Bay at Puning | inter_design

Gold Winner | Linfen Shooting Center | China Architecture Design & Research Group

Gold Winner | RO54 | Arshia Architects

Gold Winner | Showstoppers! Spectacular Costumes from the Stage & Screen | Thinc Design

Gold Winner | Kia Lab | Davood Boroojeni Office

Gold Winner | Soundwaves | BLUR Workshop

Gold Winner | Wyndham Taiyuan Xiaohe | Wanda Hotel Design Institute

Gold Winner | Shenyang Vanke Sujiatun Primary School | RUF Architects

Gold Winner | Fuzhou Youth Plaza Urban Renewal | Shanghai AMJ architecture and urban planning Co., Ltd

Gold Winner | Hangzhou Future Car Park | DANIEL STATHAM STUDIO

Gold Winner | Poly · Hankou Mark | M-Design

Gold Winner | Greentown · Moon Lotus Mansion Chongqing Jialian Landscape Design Co., Ltd.

Gold Winner | Autovol Office and Factory Shared Space | Autovol

Gold Winner | Guobin Jiangshan, Jinniu District, Chengdu | PT Architecture Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.


Gold Winner | Window Of Dream Life Exhibition Center | CAPOL International & Associates Group Guangzhou Branch

Gold Winner | YouChoose Holdings Office Complex | Beijing China Virtue Architectural Design Co., Ltd

Gold Winner | HIK 9 | JFR Studio

Gold Winner | The Exo Towers | United Units Architects

Gold Winner | Ningbo Vanke Dongshengfu Community | team+ design consultant

Gold Winner | Kinngait Health Centre | Parkin Architects Limited

Gold Winner | 160X3.0 | Xtep (China) Co., Ltd.

Gold Winner | Jingshun Future Center/ Yin Pu | Hangzhou South North Boundary Space Design Co., Ltd.

Gold Winner | Changzhou Central Mansion | GEEDESIGN

Gold Winner | CloudNanu Heritage Boutique Hotel | MET ARCHITECTURE DESIGN Co,ltd

Gold Winner | Vanke Metropolis·Taiyuan | INFIISPACE DESIGN

Gold Winner | World Science Community project in Lin’gang Special Area of the SHFTZ(Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone) | Hangzhou Palace Interior Design Co.,Ltd

Gold Winner | South Yaojiang Riverside Leisure Area | Ningbo Urban Construction Design And Research Institute Co.Ltd

Gold Winner | Phoenix Mansion, Changsha | GREENTOWN CHINA HOLDINGS LIMITED


Gold Winner | Dubai Museum Plaza and Pedestrian Street Pedestrianization | Urban Design Section

Gold Winner | CoCo Tea Coffee Juice shop in Shiquan Street | OYTT Design

Gold Winner | Balsam House | Gol Homes Development

Gold Winner | VICTORY BAY | GND Jiedi Landscape Design

Gold Winner | Gengdu College | Tina Wong

Gold Winner | DATA DMZ | TIANJIN TIANHUA northern architectural design

Gold Winner | Andaman Life Space | Regalia Group + Forte Design Partners

Gold Winner | Taikoo Li Qiantan | 5+design

Gold Winner | PowerChina MingYueLongTIng Model Room | HWCD

Gold Winner | Longfor Jinmao·Neverland Marketing Center | RUIDU DESIGN

Gold Winner | Wuxi International Healthcare Campus | Lemanarc SA

Gold Winner | Tian Jin Sky of Mirror | TIANJIN TIANHUA northern architectural design

Gold Winner | Residence of Pandanus | Vivian Coser Arquitetos Associados

Gold Winner | KIBA Tokyo Residence | SAKAE Architects & Engineers

Gold Winner | CCCG · The Prospect The Future | JUNYUN Architecture Design Office Co., Ltd.

Gold Winner | Tampines GreenJade | Housing & Development Board, Building & Research Institute

Gold Winner | MOON COLLECTION | Republican Metropolis Architecture

Gold Winner | In S&N Resort | Penda China

Gold Winner | HEIMAT, LA – concept fitness club | INCO STUDIO

Gold Winner | Navab Dental Office | Roshan Architecture Group

Gold Winner | DATA DMZ | TIANJIN TIANHUA northern architectural design

Gold Winner | Third Century Mall | ISTUDIO Architects

Gold Winner | Yuehuaxi Nine-Year Middle and Primary and School of CREG | PT Architecture Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Gold Winner | Guanshanhu No.8 Middle School of GuiYang | PT Architecture Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Gold Winner | Huicheng International Center | TIANJIN TIANHUA northern architectural design

Gold Winner | CIFI Group Cmall Duplex Flat | DESMOOD

Gold Winner | KWG · Plot 5 Office Building Interior Design, Tongzhou | Guangzhou Y&G Design Associates Ltd ; KWG Group Holdings Limited

Gold Winner | Lake · Lantern | Evans Lee Design

Gold Winner | Chengdu Forte Financial Island | Concept i

Gold Winner | Wuxi Vanke Canal Bund Phase Two | team+ design consultant

Gold Winner | Jiang Shan Tian Chen Sales Center, Mianyang | CLV.DESIGN

Gold Winner | Floating Recycling Sustainable Residential Complex | John A Simonetti Architect LLC

Gold Winner | SUNAC·MOGAN VALLEY – ZHU LIN LI | Zoom Design

Gold Winner | Wuhan CIFI Real Estate Co., Ltd. Boyue Yuanzhu Project | business units No.9

Gold Winner | Shanxi Datong Kind Family International Neighborhood of CCRC | Puretao Architects

Gold Winner | Changlin Yuanchang Chuxiong Xinghaihu sales Center | TRD Design

Gold Winner | Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Headquarters Office Building | Beijing Urban Construction Design & Development Group Co., Limited

Gold Winner | Greentown · Flower Park Mansion | Chongqing Jialian Landscape Design Co., Ltd.

Gold Winner | Pagoda Courtyard along the Grand Canal | S&Y Atelier (SEU ARCH)

Silver Winner | Vaask | Vaask

Silver Winner | Living in Nature | UArchitects

Silver Winner | In Memory of Kandinsky | Aleksandra Lavrukhina

Silver Winner | PORO-City | PORO-City Design team

Silver Winner | OVVA | MAYER HASBANI

Silver Winner | Living The Gardens | sanzpont [arquitectura

Silver Winner | Pearl River One | You Join Studio

Silver Winner | The X Macallan Bar | Jingle Design

Silver Winner | Nanjing Yueyuntai | HWCD

Silver Winner | Xiamen Haicang Yuelu Bay Demonstration Plot | Z+D DESIGN

Silver Winner | Columbus Crew: Club, Suites, Restaurant | BLUR Workshop

Silver Winner | Impression Wonderland Sales Center | Zhoyu Design Group Co.,Ltd.

Silver Winner | 3 Henrietta Street | TGP International

Silver Winner | Green Valley Airport Terminal Hub | Puretao Architects

Silver Winner | Yuehai Yigui Fu Apartment Lagre Model House | Bluemoon

Silver Winner | HONG 0871 Yunnan Cuisine Restaurant | IN.X Design

Silver Winner | Moli · Puyu | Jingle Design

Silver Winner | Shenzhen Foreign Language School Extension Project | LHA ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN CO,LTD

Silver Winner | China Tujia Pan Museum (Pengjiazhai) Visitor Center | Professor Li Baofeng’s studio

Silver Winner | Tianyi Renhe chenjing Langyue exhibition area, Shandong | Guangzhou Inter Design Co.LTD

Silver Winner | Wenzhou CIFI Guorui Mansion | Guangzhou Inter-design landscape Co., Ltd.

Silver Winner | Nanjing Platinum Mansion | Hi3 Designers

Silver Winner | UCT – Chris Hani Theatre Redevelopment and Foodcourt | Jakupa Architects and Urban Designers

Silver Winner | Pytharia Bungalows & Resort in Crete | Constantinos Yanniotis, Alexis Chortogiannis, Stratis Papastratis

Silver Winner | Hangzhou Qibao Garden City Commerical Complex | team+ design consultant

Silver Winner | MUSHI Wedding Photography Space | Cun FF

Silver Winner | Green Oasis | Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

Silver Winner | Tampines GreenGem | Housing & Development Board, Building & Research Institute

Silver Winner | Baiteng Mountain Ecological Restoration Wetland Park | SHANGHAI MUNICIPAL ENGINEERING DESIGN INSTITUTE(GROUP)CO.,LTD.

Silver Winner | Ningbo Coastal OCT Fenghua Sunshine Bay | Tus-Design Group Co., Ltd.


Silver Winner | Climate and Oceans Living Museum | Bay Ecotarium

Silver Winner | Taikang Dental | WIT Design & Research

Silver Winner | Net Zero House in Construction, Ipswich, Ma | Pionarch Design and Construction

Silver Winner | YUNPARK | TIANJIN TIANHUA northern architectural design

Silver Winner | Xiamen Humanity Maternity Hospital | Lemanarc SA

Silver Winner | Preservation and Regeneration of a “Tulou” in Nanjing County | UrbanFabric

Silver Winner | Sustainable Nursery, Primary, Secondary School Complex | John A Simonetti Architect LLC

Silver Winner | Moli · Landscape | Jingle Design

Silver Winner | Longfor · TOD LINK Sales Center, Jinan | CLV.DESIGN

Silver Winner | Glory Dream Sales Center | G&K Architecture Design, JunJing Architecture Design


Bronze Winner | Fenglin Jiuxi Marketing Center | Bluemoon

Bronze Winner | Changsha Huayuan Middle School | RUF Architects


Bronze Winner | Deji Cultural Complex | THE TRIANGLE.JP CO.,LTD.

Bronze Winner | Alkebulan The African Dining Hall | TGP International

Bronze Winner | Light, Art House | Shanghai Haodi Interior Design Office

Bronze Winner | Transformation of a Brussels mansion into three duplexes | Isabel Gomez Interiors

Bronze Winner | A Narrative Water Courtyard Linking Traditional and Modern: Shaoxing Kuaiji Mountain Huangjiu Research and Development Center | Huahui Engineering Design Group CO., LTD

Bronze Winner | Flow Bar & Lab | Jingle Design

Bronze Winner | Wuxi Greentown Center Mansion Sales Office | HWCD

Bronze Winner | Fold Mound – Shaoxing Mini Supernova Community Park | HID Landscape Design Consulting Co., Ltd

Bronze Winner | Skyline Bay | Zhoyu Design (Shenzhen) Co., LTD

Bronze Winner | Srivijaya CAFE & Food World | Taweecool Architects

Bronze Winner | Click THE Life Park, WZ Zone, Xinghe Dandi, Huizhou | inter_design

Bronze Winner | Jian Bang Innovation Center of Science and Technology | MUDO Architects+Jiangxi Jianbang Prefabricated Construction Co.LTD

Bronze Winner | Greentown · Moon Star Mansion | Chongqing Jialian Landscape Design Co., Ltd.

Bronze Winner | Rizhao Donghua · Jiuxi City | Guangzhou Inter Design Co.LTD

Bronze Winner | OCT Huanle Shanchuan Sales Center, Zibo | Interscape Design Associates

Bronze Winner | HOFT – House Of the Flying Trees | R.evolution

Bronze Winner | Residência das Figueiras | Vivian Coser Arquitetos Associados

Bronze Winner | RELX Xiaojinzhi | Shenzhen Wuxin Technology Co., Ltd

— Congratulation to all —
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