2024 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Parque Urbano das Marinhas | doisarquitectos

The city of Aveiro, Portugal, is a city with a history very much linked to water, to crops, to traditions and to its people, it knows where it comes from and where it is going.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024

Parque Urbano das Marinhas
Urban Planning (Concept)


Nuno Miguel Diogo Costa

Design Team
Nuno Costa, Cátia Alexandre, Miguel Melo, Alejandro Medina, Raquel Ribeiro, Sónia PInheiro

Aveiro, Portugal



Characterised as a border area of the city, the intervention site, which is now vacant and invaded by nature, was once a place of great importance as it was the location of the Aveiro fish auction.

It is with this importance in mind that the proposal intends to make it not only a place of arrival in the city, but also a place for the more adventurous who cross the sea in search of physical activity or simply peace of mind and contact with nature.

Supported by the assumptions of the New European Bauhaus and the concept of Smart Cities, the proposal has a set of multi-family housing buildings, which acts as a transition between the city and the new space, a multipurpose urban park capable of hosting cultural events, and at the same time separating the housing area with the remaining equipment, recovery of the old fish market building as a space for commerce and services, a hotel, a marina for recreational boats, support pavilions for associations involved in nautical sports and cultural activities, and a building that will house spaces for landscape interpretation, heritage, a co-creation environment and educational services, called the Living Spaces Lab.

A sustainable future is in the hands of decision-makers, planners and dreamers, and this is how our proposal is presented, as a dream of avant-garde postures, considering the feasibility of implementation at the economic and constructive level, an example of sustainable know-how, aesthetically pleasing and driving an improvement in the quality of life of its users, a dream called Marinhas Urban Park.

This is an intervention that is part of a whole, it will bring a new and good dynamic to the city, it provides an improvement in the quality of life of the citizens and visitors, it is an honest way of honouring the city and its memory.

Over the years the city has been growing spontaneously and conditioned by the water courses that belong to a complex lagoon system of the Baixo Vouga region, and the site of intervention stands out for being one of the rare points where the morphology of the organic mesh of the city directly confronts the rigid and orthogonal mesh of the salt marshes.

It is with this that is proposed organic and orthogonal layouts with the different smart pedestrian and cycling paths, giving the user the option to choose between more pleasant or more immediate paths, from opens spaces with a uniformly drawn mesh filled with various elements to spaces more filled with gardens, flowerbeds, shrubs and water mirrors.

Modernity, sustainability and inclusion together with the respect for the history and culture of the place, is the proposal for this point of the city of Aveiro, a proposal which values a heritage which is very much ours.