2024 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Reshape the Spatial Background of Tanko: Commercial Block Reconstruction in Beijing | Atelier Shanghai Dachuan Architects

TANKO, a new lifestyle settlement which has been widely known by Beijing natives: The courtyard is like a fair market, a feast for the eyes.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024

Reshape the Spatial Background of Tanko: Commercial Block Reconstruction in Beijing
Commercial Architecture Built

Atelier Shanghai Dachuan Architects

Atelier Shanghai Dachuan Architects

Design Team
Dongtao Hong, Liangjun Li, Jianli Zhu, Yuejing Zhang, Haifeng Zhu, Jie Ye, Zhangheng Yu

Tan Zhushi Town, Mentougou District, Beijing, China


©Rudyku/Xf Photography/Tanko

As early as 2017, the project and its location in Mentougou were a blank on Beijing’s cognitive map. Three years ago, with the support of a whole set of new business concepts and theories, TANKO begans a series of exploration and transformation with the way of group co-creation.It is also under such a background that we have the opportunity to contact the concrete content of mountain, communities, commerce and settlement. And mainly focus on the transformation of the C4 and C8 areas.

We are no longer physical designers of interfaces in the normal sense.

It is the inner extension of the master, the outer extension of the outer space, the life scenes.

Draughter of boundary space which has a background color with thickness.

1)Set the overall tone of C4 commercial block

2)External space design of architecture, landscape and Owner-Principal

3)Expand space, construct the spiritual garden of each Owner-Principals

4)Operational preposition, conflict and diversity of multi-designer co-design

5)Help La V-onderland build a mini nature museum

6)Help the quality’s improvement and activation of public space, do the more favorable layout…

Since 2021, we have been trying to integrate the co-creation design of owners, managers, formats, operations, architecture, landscape, etc. The future block is far from enough to carry the demand of people for new commercial social activities, which hides more opportunities. Tanko is not only an active attempt of a new species of business, but also a new start of future commercial space exploration.

After 40 years of rapid urban development in China, we have entered a new stage of urban development. We need to refocus our attention on the dimension of “community public space”, and use it as a carrier to link nature, people and the city, drive the public life that truly belongs to everyone, and let people find their own spiritual home in it.