2024 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Bridges Over Maolong Waterway | ZDG Design

Originating from the Qijiang River and born as an island, Cuiheng New Area is a hub city on the coastal economic belt connecting the Shenzhong Tunnel.It was once a polder in the sea, but in the future will be an intellectual and creative highland. Cuiheng New Area carries the unrestrained vision of Zhongshan’s cultural and innovative development.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024

Bridges Over Maolong Waterway
Infrastructure (Concept)

ZDG Design

Huang Yang

Design Team
Yu Boxiang; Zhang Chengzhang; Huang Yang; Ma Meng; Zhang Ailing; Qin Yu; Liu Zeqi

Zhongshan, China


©ZDG Design

Zhongshan developed itself from a Lingnan water village when people farming and fishing with boats as home to a modern city now brimming with bridges and buildings, where traditional and new industries go hand in hand. Varying from the arch bridge to cable-stayed bridge, from curved trails to straight paths, from residential areas to the CBD area, the bridge, the landscape, and the urban life of Cuiheng mingle and dance together.

The bridges deriving from a traditional arch form in the living area shows the tranquility of the hazy sunrise and the waterfront life during the morning. The industrial zone under the dazzling sun looks forward to the efficiency and vitality of Cuiheng with the bridges reflecting the collaboration system of modern industry.The towering cable-stayed bridges symbolize a dazzling lighthouse of the CBD area at the glowing night when the water and light are distantly connected along Maolong.

Bridge of Xiao(Dawn)

“The sun rises on the river, gathering the fog to break the dawn.” Taking the traditional arched bridge as a prototype, Bridge Xiao combines the tube corridor and is supported by a couple of arches. The upper curved viewing platform picks out from both sides of the main bridge box, while the lower corridor connects the riverbank landscape.

Bridge of Xi (Matin)

“The clouds and the wind move when the sunlight clears the dawn.”

The main arch combines the stabilizing arch,as if the first light of morning appears.The pedestrian walkway crosses between these two arches which is like a jade belt floating out of the water.

Bridge of Zhao (Glare)

“Rising in the magnificent air, hovering in the bright sky.”

The bridge is separated to make room for the highway. The main cable works with the boom in space collaboration. The tower column tilts outward like the mast is rising, while the boom is tensioned like the sail is hanging.

Bridge of Yao (Shine)

“Flying like a goose, taking off under a clear sun.’

The bridge borrowing the suspension and cable-stayed collaborative system as a prototype, sinks down its main cable and support itself on the truss. The inclined main tower combines with the back ropes. The pedestrian bridge flies like a thin rainbow. Bridge Yao is ready to sail like a ship with its sails set.

Bridge of Hui (Afterglow)

“Late sunset moves towards the twilight shining over the river.”

The tilted single tower combines with the rope surface, looking like the afterglow of the setting sun pouring over the river. The bow-shaped walkway traverses under the bridge, creating a double reflection on the canal.

Bridge of Lan (Dusk)

“The night is late and deep, distantly connected with the light.”

Taking the cable-stayed bridge as a prototype, the bridge presents different postures through two symmetrical towers. The openwork trusses will enhance the cruising experience, and the pedestrian grille offers different angle of view.

Bridge Lan shows the freedom and diversity of the city culture. Bridges are tied by the green belt as pearls and serves as important poles and ribbon, helping the Cuiheng island ties the east and west and open a new chapter of Zhongshan’s urban development.