2024 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | West Mountain Innovation Valley | Beijing Collaborative Innovation Park | CAA architects

West Mountain Innovation Valley – Beijing Collaborative Innovation Park is a large-scale office building cluster located at the foot of West Mountain in Beijing, China. It is a key science and technology park project in Beijing, with a total site area of about 12 hectares and a total building area of about 288,000 sqm. CAA architects, led by Liu Haowei, has been working on the planning and architectural design of the project since 2020.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024

West Mountain Innovation Valley | Beijing Collaborative Innovation Park
Office Building (Under Construction)

CAA architects

Liu Haowei

Design Team
Liu Haowei, Leo Dy·Aojima, Miriam Llorente, Zhang Pan, Ye Wenjie, Edward Ednilao, Zhao Xingyun, Joseph Kahaya, Vicky Chen, Zhu Ying, Yan Jianxin, Deng Haibo, Yang Jing, Liu Hongliang, Charles Jiang, Cassie Cai, Luo Yuhang, Shen Ao, Xiao Peng, Su Lide

Haidian, Beijing, China


©CAA architects

“In Beijing, at the foot of the West Mountains, in such a region with rich natural resource endowments, we have formed a dialogue between the architectural forms of mountains, rivers, courtyards, and settlements and the undulating West Mountains, creating an open, green, and intelligent future city that integrates nature and technology. It is the West Mountain Innovation Valley.” – Liu Haowei

Beijing Collaborative Innovation Park is mainly divided into three plots: West, North and East. With innovation, greenery, and openness as its design strategies, CAA takes a Shanshui Valley as the main design theme, spanning across all the plots, integrating traditional Chinese courtyards with natural landscape. The building form follows nature, depicting the undulating curves of mountain peaks. This design fosters a harmonious interaction and organic connection with the surrounding urban landscape. Simultaneously, it overlays with enclosed courtyard spaces, shaping a green three-dimensional garden.

CAA fully considers the locality, humanity, and future development trends of the project, providing distinct architectural scales and site planning designs for unicorn enterprises, growing companies, and startups. Liu Haowei introduces the design concepts of West·Mountain, North·Yard, and East·Creek, endowing each of the three plots with unique architectural forms, which together scripting a scroll of “Landscape and Nature” integrating mountains, rivers, courtyards and settlements.

People gradually enter from the city and traverse freely in the flowing and high-low spaces with a Shanshui Valley. It’s like wandering in a painting, desiring to climb high for a panoramic view or embark on a boat journey, engaging in a journey of technological, natural, and cultural exploration.

The standard green ratio of the project is as high as 30%, which creates a greener and low-carbon environment through the introduction of natural landscape, permeable and open spatial layout, rooftop gardens, overhead runways, small squares and other public spaces.

West Mountain Innovation Valley puts into practice the integration of Futurism and Oriental humanistic spirit, actively creates social values and influence, combines the development trend of city, nature, humanities, and sci- technological innovation, tires to create a three-dimensional city garden, and realize the future urban vision of multi-dimensional superposition of nature and science and technology.