2024 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Glorieta Cibeles Tower | CIMET Arquitectos

The Glorieta Cibeles Tower, a symbol of Mexico City’s architectural landscape, stood as a testament to resilience amidst adversity. Erected in 1979, its slender silhouette once graced the skyline with pride. However, the earthquakes of 1985 and 2017 left their mark, rendering the tower abandoned and structurally compromised. Located in the heart of the Roma neighborhood, renowned for its eclectic mix of architectural styles, the tower’s fate seemed uncertain until a revitalization effort emerged, driven by a vision of urban renewal and restoration.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024

Glorieta Cibeles Tower
Office Building (Built)

CIMET Arquitectos

Sholem and Yoram Cimet

Design Team
Sholem and Yoram Cimet

Mexico City


©Luis Gallardo and Jaime Navarro

One-of-a-kind dampers made the tower the third structure with this seismic protection technology in Mexico City

To confront the tower’s vulnerabilities, a bold solution emerged: unique seismic dampers, a technology rare within Mexico City’s seismic landscape. These dampers, implemented with precision, fortified the tower against future tremors, marking it as a pioneer in earthquake resilience technology within the city.

Bold engineering strategy and core relocation results in unprecedented achievement

In a feat of engineering ingenuity, the tower’s core underwent a transformative relocation to its eastern side. This daring move not only strengthened the tower’s foundation but also unlocked new vistas and spatial possibilities within its confines. Panoramic views now greeted occupants, while the redesign set a new standard for architectural innovation in the face of adversity.

New facade offers panoramic views and adds height for a new secret space

The tower’s exterior underwent a metamorphosis, with a redesigned façade elevating its profile and mystique. Its sleek lines and double-glazed windows not only enhanced energy efficiency but also invited occupants to behold the city from new heights. The addition of height created an air of secrecy, an allure that beckoned exploration and discovery.

Rooftop gardens, replete with endemic vegetation, crown a 19-story renovation

Abve, atop the tower’s 19 stories, lush rooftop gardens bloomed with native flora, creating verdant oases amidst the urban sprawl. These gardens not only provided respite but also served as living testaments to sustainability and ecological stewardship. With each breeze, the tower whispered tales of renewal and regeneration, a beacon of hope in an ever-changing landscape.

40-year-old derelict building is transformed into a LEED Platinum-certified building

Through meticulous planning and visionary design, the Glorieta Cibeles Tower attained LEED Platinum certification, a testament to its commitment to environmental sustainability. From its recycled materials to its energy-efficient systems, every aspect of the tower spoke of renewal and regeneration, echoing the spirit of its surroundings.

A paradigmatic intervention that sets a precedent for urban renewal and reclamation in Mexico

In its restoration, the Glorieta Cibeles Tower became more than a building; it became a symbol of resilience and renewal, a testament to the transformative power of vision and ingenuity. Its success inspired a wave of urban renewal efforts, each project echoing the tower’s ethos of sustainability and community engagement. As the sun set on Mexico City, the tower stood tall, a beacon of hope amidst the urban landscape, a testament to what can be achieved when humanity and nature intertwine in harmony.