2024 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | The Future Wing | HYP-ARCH DESIGN

The project site is located between Chunshui Road and Qiushan Road in Songshan District, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which presents rich cultural and natural features. It is here that the famous “China’s first jade dragon” – Goulong was discovered. The strong cultural consistency demonstrated by the Hongshan culture, Liao culture and Buddhist culture over 5,000 years integrates with the striking natural features to form the unique backdrop of Chifeng.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024

The Future Wing
Cultural Architecture (Concept)


Yang Peishen, Cai Min, Sun Minda

Design Team
Liu Min, Zhang Jiabin, Xia Zhihao

Chifeng City, China



“Wings of the Future” represents science and the future. The architectural schema is like a “silver bird in dream” flying into reality, and the design uses a relatively artistic and poetic expression to deal with the rectangular land that is regular and lacks imagination. The increase of height and the superposition of functions cause a dramatic alienation of the original cube form. The seven symmetrical hollow caves on the main building can maintain the order of the central axis of the whole park planning and bring the fluid posture of the shape.

The main exhibition space of the Science and Technology Museum is composed of 2 reserved exhibition halls, 1 temporary exhibition hall, 7 permanent exhibition halls and 3 special effects cinemas. The dome theater and the attached canopy ring form the spatial core of the whole building and guide the development of the circular tour line. When people enter the mysterious hole at the Yongxing Street interface on the central axis, they can start a magical journey of science and aesthetics. The first thing people see is the 26-meter-high triple-story atrium, and the visual focus is the 26m-diameter dome theater sphere floating in the sky like a weightless meteorite. The “Baby Star Wish” children’s theme exhibition hall and the temporary exhibition hall are arranged at the two wings of the atrium on the first floor. As people slowly climbs the aerial ring slope around the dome theater, they come to the second floor, which is the beginning of the permanent series of exhibitions – the two science and technology theme exhibition halls of “Exploring the Boundaries of Science” and the dome theater located in the center officially open the curtain of the science and technology tour.

The two nature-themed exhibition halls of “Creation World Story” are located on the third floor and are connected by a semi-outdoor glass corridor that allows people to observe changes in the weather, which is built around the dome theater. A dramatic visual connection and exchange can be created between visitors “floating” on the glass corridor and those in the interior atrium below. The “Meet Light Years Away” universe theme exhibition hall with a local height of 16M is located on the fourth floor, which is regarded as the climax and end of the entire scientific and technological journey. Here, light pours down from the high side windows of the curved roof, outlining the shape of time and illuminating the light of the future.