2024 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Office Complex on Istomina Street in Khabarovsk | Borisov Architects

A ten-story office building is being designed in the historical center of Khabarovsk in close proximity to the former mansion of F. M. Namokonov, a monument of wooden architecture. The Orient Residential Complex, also designed by Borisov Architects, will be another close neighbor of the office building.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024

Office Complex on Istomina Street in Khabarovsk
Office Building (Concept)

Borisov Architects

Anatoly Borisov

Design Team
Anatoly Borisov, Igor Solovyov



©Borisov Architects

The location between a small-scale wooden mansion and a 25-story tower, the facades of which are planned to be made using limestone and clinker, had a strong influence on the compositional and architectural design of the office complex: the architects saw their task as using the new volume of the office building to visually unite the different era buildings into an integrated urban planning ensemble. Borisov Architects aspired to make the office building tactful from an urban planning point of view, but also independent and clearly visible in the city center skyline in regards to its plasticity and form. This is precisely why all the corners of the building under design are rounded and glass was chosen as the main facade material, however above the first floor all surfaces of the volume are not smooth, but rather assembled from dynamically rotated structural modules. Small areas of traditional glazing help to additionally emphasize their vivid plasticity – next to these voids, the patterns designed by the architects look even more expressive. It is also significant that the direction of the patterns changes depending on the floor, creating the look of a modern technological building. The side panels of each module are made of perforated metal – this not only adds additional interesting details to the appearance of the facades, but also made it possible to integrate hidden shutters into each window for ventilation. The top floor elements have an extended height. The parking area of the office complex is located on three underground levels and is fully mechanized.