2024 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Conceptual planning and urban design for Sino-German future city | Future City (Shanghai) Design Consulting Co., LTD

Responding to the trends of technological and socio-economic changes, the primary goal of the conceptual planning and urban design of the Sino-German Future City is to figure out how to craft a fresh blueprint for the future city, bringing together ecological beauty, production excellence, and top-notch living standards. This effort aims to draw in top-tier industries and global talent. Based on a systematical review of numerous global cases and researches around the keyword “future city”, our planning summarizes six future trends: customization, complexity, sharing, resilience, efficiency, and humanization. Grounded in these trends, the 2.0 upgraded version for the Sino-German Ecopark is crafted. Our plan features five distinctive aspects.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024

Conceptual planning and urban design for Sino-German future city
Urban Design (Under Construction)

Future City (Shanghai) Design Consulting Co., LTD

Wu Zhiqiang

Design Team
Ma Chunqing, Jia Feng, Han Jing, Gan Wei, Teng Yuwei, He Zhen, LU Feidong, Zhou Jun, Yuan Xiaoqiu, Wang Guotao, Zhang Zhenguo



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  1. We create three new prototypes in spatial design: “block with interior garden and street commerce”, ” pastoral space” and “future plaza”, responding to the changing patterns of daily activities in the future.
  2. We coordinate the functionality and layout of underground spaces, introduce Garden-style Sunlit Underground Garage, and promote the rules of “no cars in the blocks, public transportation first, and pedestrian dominance”.
  3. We expand the concept of the fifteen-minute living circle ‘Jiayuan‘, supplementing additional service module “Intelligent Building Hub” at the architectural level.
  4. We propose to establish a regional energy management platform for overseeing the entire energy life cycle, and pilot new green energy technologies such as solar-thermal conversion, geothermal heat pump, microgrid, and passive house.
  5. We provide digital solutions to upgrade community management, specifically focusing on innovative applications in sectors such as education, environmental protection, and transportation.

Our plan boasts four innovations:

  1. We leverage Artificial Intelligence technology to rationally predict land growth and allocate land functions.
  2. Our plan achieves a groundbreaking application of 4th generation City Information Modeling (CIM) technology, paving the way for the smart evolution of urban planning, construction, and governance.
  3. Integrating experiences from both China and Germany, our plan sets up a construction control system composed of one set of traditional Regulatory Planning Code and three sets of unique guidelines.
  4. In this project, we develop an innovative collaborative approach known as the “Sino-German Future City Collaborative Innovation Center,” bringing together multiple design and research units to work in tandem.

Currently, the detailed design works and construction projects of the Sino-German Future City have been steadily progressing, with significant projects such as the international hospital, junior high school, passive housing, and international community being completed. The project has garnered notable success in three crucial aspects: professional recognition, a positive impact on society, and the intelligent operation and maintenance.