2024 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Murdoch Residence | Kyearn Architecture

Kyearn Architecture’s vision for the Murdoch Residence was a harmonious blend of traditional charm with modern sophistication, a testament of timeless elegance. Situated adjacent to a serene park and bordered by a charming side laneway, this home embodies divergent ideas of openness and private retreat. In contrast to the surrounding suburban homes characterised by fenced front yards accessible solely through driveways, the Murdoch Residence challenges this norm. Its dramatic staircase leading to the grand entrance and deliberate absence of a perimeter fence contribute to the dwelling’s inviting atmosphere. Upon entering, a double-volume living space functions as the nucleus of the home, affording panoramic vistas that encompass the entirety of the ground floor and establishes a connection to the upper mezzanine. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow copious amounts of sunlight and unobstructed views of the sky. However, as one progresses towards the rear, the scale of the gathering areas transitions from expansive to more intimate. Facing the adjacent park, the rear aspect of the residence presents a marked departure from the openness observed at the entrance. Here, the presence of towering trees enclosing the rear garden imparts a profound sense of tranquillity and seclusion, juxtaposing the initial impression of openness and fostering a sense of seclusion.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024

Murdoch Residence
Residential Architecture (Built)

Kyearn Architecture

Yong Xiang Ngoi

Design Team
Yong Xiang Ngoi, King Keng Lee, Christopher Cheng

Sydney, NSW


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Responding to the client’s brief, we endeavoured to fulfill their preference for natural light and privacy while ensuring connectivity with the outdoor surroundings. The introduction of a double-void living space services as a pivotal feature, meeting the client’s need for abundant natural light and versatility in function, serving as both the primary entrance and a focal point of daily activities. By orientating the house towards the rear garden, the design prioritises privacy and tranquillity in the rear living spaces, while also maximising views of the lush surroundings to create an environment of relaxation. Additionally, each bedroom features balcony access, providing a private retreat for occupants.

The Murdoch Residence occupies a challenging slope that runs across the width of its site. To minimise topographical alterations, the house adapts to the existing foundation of the previous building. While the upper levels are rebuilt, the original basement, driveway, and building footprint remain intact. Additionally, the mature tree canopy predominantly situated at the front of the property is preserved, maintaining the landscape’s integrity and public enjoyment. By retaining elements of the original house, significant savings in costs, time, and labour were realised.

In terms of interior design, our team prioritised sustainable Australian products sourced from reputable suppliers. This approach not only ensures aesthetic appeal but also aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility and support for local industries.