2024 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Urban design on both sides of Zhongxing Road in Shaoxing Ancient City | Tongji Architectural Design (Group)Co., Ltd.

Shaoxing is a city with the characteristics of Jiangnan water town, the eastern Zhejiang Canal runs through the ancient city of Shaoxing, the ancient city is all over the cultural monuments, which are not to be lost in China’s cultural heritage. A Zhongxing Road, north and south through the Shusheng hometown, eight character Bridge, Tuanfei lane, Lu Xun’s hometown of four historic districts, is the linkage axis of bridging the urban space.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024

Urban design on both sides of Zhongxing Road in Shaoxing Ancient City
Urban Design (Concept)

Tongji Architectural Design (Group)Co., Ltd.


Design Team
Wu Zhiqiang, Lu Feidong, Lu Zhongliang, Zou Zijing, Zhang Kai, Yi Wei, Li Ding, Wang Yue, Feng Daquan, Wang Baoyu, Jin Bin, Zhou Mengmeng, Xu Juemin, Yin Zhengwei, Chen Jun



©Tongji Architectural Design (Group)Co., Ltd.

However, the current situation along Zhongxing Road faces such pain points as east-west separation of ancient city space, historical loss and traffic congestion. The fabric of the ancient city along Zhongxing Road was damaged, and the canal became dark. Therefore, the vertical axis of “one” Zhongxing Green corridor and the horizontal axis of “one river” East Zhejiang Canal are the key to realize the goal of wisdom rejuvenation of Shaoxing Ancient city.

The plan is to separate transit and partial arrival and departure needs through the main road underpass, mezzanine conversion system, and traffic control measures, increase public service and parking supply, weaken ground traffic, and create high-quality slow walking space.

Taking the interrupted section of Xiangqiao-Changqiao Canal as an example, based on historical images, the texture of the water lane is extracted, the ancient city pattern is restored, the canal water street is dredged, and the historic district is linked to form a complete waterfront slow walking experience. On both sides of the canal, the scene along the river imitating the typical Shaoxing water town restores the traditional market life such as the waterfront market, the port head, the old stage, and so on, forming a functional carrier of overlapping ancient and modern urban activities.

To restore or mark the historical buildings and landmarks related to Zhongxing Road, including eight ancient Bridges, including Chang ‘an Bridge, Baoyou Bridge and Zhao Yanong Bridge, as well as 20 historic streets and four historical sites that disappeared due to the construction of Zhongxing Road. Through the tunnel under the construction of nine square ten garden, to restore 800 years of memory, reproduce ten literati garden scenery. Zhongxing Road coincides with the nine historical pavilions such as Xifu Fang, Yongchang Fang and Shitong Fang. The nine pavilions comply with the restoration of historical texture and use contemporary simple materials to suggest the traditional place space and integrate modern life functions. Ten Gardens combine the famous literary stories of Shaoxing with the culture of the site, and design ten theme parks, such as Sizhu Garden, Plum Garden and Yue Qiao Garden, to inherit the ancient and modern.

The Zhongxing Green Corridor is of great significance for the continuation of the ancient city pattern, the protection of historical relics, the connection of canal water network, the stitching of urban space, the restoration of citizens’ memory and the intellectual function industry.