2024 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Land No.19 Chengdu Tianfu Low Density Commercial Project | HZS

The site is located in the Central Business District of Tianfu New District, Chengdu – the headquarters base. The integration of park landscape and commerce is realized here, which is projected in the design as the penetration of the park into the commercial form. The construction of modern commercial street comprehensively considers the regional context and the local cultural elements of western Sichuan, which is manifested in the design as the reconstruction of the rural living environment form of western Sichuan in architectural form, the feedback of roof form to the traditional roof, and the response of the facade line to the wooden structure of western Sichuan. The architecture integrates the landscape to create a borderless block, and the multi-dimensional integration design with the landscape makes the architecture and nature roll into one.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024

Land No.19 Chengdu Tianfu Low Density Commercial Project
Commercial Architecture (Under Construction)


Yi Wenyuan

Design Team
Yi Wenyuan, Zhang Qiang, Zhao Yu, Zhang Binhui, Yuan Chao, Dong Liangchen

Chengdu City, China



Based on the detail creation with approachable scale, the introduction of park interactive space in the terrace and the multi-level echo of the corridor, the design realizes the reproduction of the spatial form of western Sichuan, and creates a new business card of park commercial form with modern characteristics of Chengdu. The height limit of the commercial plot is 16m, and the story height distribution is 5.7m for the first floor, 5.2m for the second floor and 4.7m for the third floor. Due to the consideration of the commercial interface ratio of the first floor and the modern architectural design, the overall curtain wall design adopts a 2m module to win a wider view of the park. The building is presented as four separate volumes, the side corridor of the park is used to connect the commercial flow lines, strong horizontal lines are adopted to interpret the modern approach. The canopy frame facing the park is an independent part, which alleviates the stiffness of the horizontal facade lines.

The facade of the building draws the essence of western Sichuan culture and uses modern techniques to realize interpretation:

(1) Control the thickness of the roof together with the curtain wall, and create a light, elegant and connected atmosphere for the roof with west Sichuan style.

(2) The column and tie construction on the gable surface and the exposed structure created by the original craft have gradually evolved into the unique symbol of western Sichuan, the design extracts the original structure and makes it correspond to the gable.

(3) The design of double eaves and curtain walls is abstracted to reduce the building volume and echo the elements of the corridor with western Sichuan style.

(4) Use the facade grating and lateral side skirt to abstractly express the bamboo weaving and horizontal gray brick elements in western Sichuan architecture.

(5) The design of multi-eaves space inherits the features of traditional social space.

(6) The LED screen facing the street allows traditional and modern elements to interact in the corner space.

(7) The roof eaves facing the street are equipped with concave profiles to strengthen the sense of line of the building, the balustrade with glass panels adopts the underhanging design, and the glass back uses aluminum plate backing to reduce the thickness of the floor and emphasize the light and thin feeling of western Sichuan architecture.

The building is designed with modern materials. The roof adopts 3mm grey aluminum panels and profiles to express the sense of line of the roof, the large ceiling uses 20mm wood grain aluminum honeycomb panels, the exterior wall is made of 4mm wood grain aluminum composite panels and wood color rectangular steel tube material, all floors adopt tempered laminated ultra-white glass with low reflection and high transmittance, the outside of some equipment rooms is made of colored glazed glass and ceramic plates, and large-area LOW-E glass is used in the commercial space to meet thermal performance requirements. The roof window on the roof connects the design vocabulary of the entire block, and also meets the demand of the catering industry for emission of cooking fume. The roof is partially installed with photovoltaic panels to meet the styling requirements, creating a low-carbon commercial block.