2023 IID 馃弳 Awards

Gold Winner | Guangzhou Dongping Yunlu 路 Modern Yunju | OPS Design

Integrating the beauty of harmony, extending the city’s heritage, continuing Eastern art, and integrating the avant-garde of the times, creating a modern mansion beyond flashiness.

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Gold 馃弳 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Guangzhou Dongping Yunlu 路 Modern Yunju
Residential Interior Built

OPS Design

Huajin Ye

Design Team
Yajie Ku, Jiening Tan

Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China


漏Zhen Sun

The overall line and surface composition of the guest restaurant space is delicate and rich, atmospheric and elegant, with a large area of warm gold tones as the main focus, emphasizing the selection of material texture and detail processing.

The master bedroom emphasizes texture and delicacy, while the bed’s design is simple but full of charm. The faint green and green accents in the faint yellow tone add a unique Eastern connotation to the space, and the collision of jade and metal highlights the texture and layering of the space.

Guanzhi Design is based on tradition, applying innovation, and pursuing the integration of traditional humanistic aspirations with contemporary life, interpreting modern Eastern aesthetics.