2022 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Jia Hone · The Future Ark Sales Center | DFE Design

Built against Tuojiang River, this project refines Neijiang’s cultural and historical symbols to awaken the city’s unique cultural memory. It also brings a new set of recognition for the people in Neijiang through its design methods, such as function activation, value reshaping, and promotion of humanities and arts.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2022

Jia Hone · The Future Ark Sales Center
Commercial Interior Built

DFE Design

Zhao Wenbin

Design Team
Hu Wenqiang, Xiao Xiao, Liu Li

Neijiang, Sichuan


©Xiang Ao

01 Exploring Inwards

Different from other sales spaces, this approach requires situational settings from underground to above ground. In business thinking, Consumers’ first impression of a space is particularly important, leading many above-ground sales centers to spend a lot of energy and money to create a guiding experience from their underground parking areas to reception areas. The difference of this project is setting the sales center on the lower ground level to form a closed path from the parking area – the underground sales center –  the display area – the show flats, and then back to the sales center for consumers. The overall aesthetic consideration makes the experience of this project more smooth and reasonable.

02 Building Liquidity

Echoing the Tuojiang River just a few steps away, the design adopted a streamlined treatment to soften the original architectural form, making the interface lines smooth and winding. The large blank area creates a uniform sense of flow during the wall extension and guides the conversion of moving lines. The 29 original non-removable columns in the space are flexibly and effectively connected in series. Among irregularities, the design creates a naturally flowing order.

From the perspective of the overall layout, the smooth construction of the space revolves around 4 large void areas, the lobby, the exhibition area, the spiral staircase, and the atrium landscape. The design solved the problem of height difference with a superposition technique, so as to establish a relatively smooth spatial scale, and create a soothing and dynamic experience for space exploration. At the same time, the wall also makes use of the hollow or recessed surface to create the artistic effect of separation and continuity, which not only enriches the smooth form of the space, but also inspires interest in space exploration.

The designer chooses two deep and light terrazzo for the floors and the ceilings to build a visual boundary, which can be used as a distinction between functional areas and also creates a sense of harmony between yin and yang in the space. The corrugated steel plate on the ceiling is transformed into the shining water reflection of the Tuojiang River.

03 Outline of Cultural Memory

The layered solid wood in the exhibition area abstractly expresses the concept of modern high-rise buildings, echoing the architectural models of the exhibition area. Fishing nets and fishing boats are designed on the side of the negotiation area. On the ceiling of the negotiation area, the corrugated steel plate is stretched in a curved manner, the fishing nets are hanging down at right places, and the white fishing boats are scattered and dotted in the space.