2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Lake · Lantern | Evans Lee Design

As a follower and practitioner of the concept “spatial fluidity”, the designer adheres to minimalism in private residence design. In his view, instead of the designers’ single idea, minimalism should refer to the sustainable co-creation of dwellers, providing comprehensive space for parent-child interaction with warm and blessing. “Spatial fluidity, the distinction of Lake Lantern, is born to be the top of private residence design, not the aesthetic.” said the designer.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Lake · Lantern
Housing Single Family (Built)

Evans Lee Design

Evans Lee

Design Team
Evans Lee Design

Foshan, China



In this project, the designer creates space as pure background. With multiple interaction in life, poetic novel residence comes into being, like a artistic gallery. “Whether the mansion, villa or apartment, the first step of our design is to open the space, removing redundant wall and doors, realizing the embrace of light and circulation of breeze.”said the designer.

Minimalism does not mean fixed form or single order. The designer has years of experience in infusing minimalism in residents’ life. Based on the concept of “comprehensive space and spontaneous interaction”, the designer divided the space to demonstrate completion and visibility as much as possible, presenting minimalism through vast void space, eliminating limitation and reconstructing landscape. Wandering in the interior space, the daily picture is presented in a low status with poetic ambience.

Minimalism can demonstrate ultimate effects. Based on the bidirectional flow of breeze and light, the fluidity allows residents’ life develops into the communication between people and nature. For this reason, the designer blurs the boundary and limitation of the space, designing a moveable door between living room and multi-functional room. By doing this, residents can have a broader view in the room and more space for parent-child communication. The still modern artistic pictures rejuvenate dynamic with the move of door.

The perception of light constitutes the normal function of architecture and the reference of architecture aesthetic. The introduction of light in the space is born to be a media, effortlessly connecting the furniture. Just like the structure of Suzhou Gardens, the designer realized changing the scene with walking and integrating landscape scenery in this project. The contrast of dark and light provides vast possibilities for residents’ imaginary, nurturing a poetic lifestyle with nature.

Focus on functionality, the multifunctional room not only contributes to the parent-child interaction, but also can be supplied as temporary guestroom, a nod of designer’s idea about “comprehensive space” and “spatial fluidity”. On one hand, the door divides the whole place into seating and public area. On the other hand, two areas can combine together, allowing family have more parent-child interaction. Parents can accompany children watch movies, playing, reading, presenting cozy and lovely ambience.

From the perspective of minimalism, white color is born to be a three-dimensional and huge canvas, with vast room for artistic exploration. In the design of this project, the designer chooses white color as the main tone, white table, grille and screen, minimizing the distance between people, improving simplicity and pureness. Mural on the wall reinvents the canteen through incredibly bright colors, adding lively and bouncy mood to the space.

“The extension of residential space constitutes the art of life.” The minimalism can be regarded as the media of art and life. With the white background, the contrast of highly saturated colors lemon-yellow and dark green to the oversized moody corridor makes the space spacious and roomy.

The designer holds the opinion that the client’s house is unique in the world. Based on different condition, client’s expectation and needs, the designer endeavors to provide tailored service for every client. The highlight of the master room lies on the contrast between light and shadow. The natural light and dark wooden grille create the miniature of poetic atmosphere. The office and the rest areas are distinguished with reversible screen, allowing dwellers have a single working place besides the seating area.

With tons of natural light, plain color, pure material and clean style, improving visual effect of minimalist design, casting elegant and airy poetry on the space.

As the main space for family, private residence stands as a link of memory, present and future, featuring the theme of forever. With white background, rose pink lights the greens in the girls’ bedroom. The breeze and light creates an appealing mood with the patterns on the wooden floor.

Light and breeze wonders freely in the space. The moving of breeze, light and shadow cultivate the warm and cozy ambience for dwellers, interpreting the minimalism through people’s interaction with the flow of time. The change of breeze, light and shadow interweave warm and harmony with space and dwellers.