2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Second Award | Jinke·Bocui Future Marketing Center | NNS DESIGN

Recalling the relationship between human and environment as the dominant dynamic change, the design of Jinke·Chongqing Bocui Future Marketing Center takes nature as the design starting point, combines spatial aesthetics and multiple thinking, and uses curved design to interpret different states in the development of life, tracing The future life scene of “everything grows” creates a natural space that combines ecology and art, and takes both leisure and relaxation into consideration.

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🏆 Second Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Jinke·Bocui Future Marketing Center
Retail Interior Built



Design Team
Wang Chao

Chongqing, China



The relationship between mankind and the natural environment is contradictory. Although mankind has destroyed the balance of natural ecology, it has also created a new balance. The continuous development of ecological balance has also created the co-prosperity and symbiosis of mankind and nature.

The art installation “Life of All Things” at the entrance constitutes a strong visual impact. It is made of polypropylene water pipes of different thicknesses and thicknesses. The light and shadow reflect the hazy feeling of the shadow of the tree, like a living “organic life body”. People really appreciate the greatness of nature.

From the perspective of the relationship between individual life experience and art, people are yearning to integrate art into their blood and live a free state of life. The winding space lines extend the height of life in the concise layout.

The aisle design introduces the scenery into the room, and the layers of curve design are interlocking, like layers of ripples spreading from the center to the surroundings. The black, white and gray tones are simple and advanced, creating an open, pure and transparent atmosphere.

The natural image of the growth of everything runs through the main line of the space. The design of the negotiation area continues the overall design idea, tracing the outline of the space with lines, folds, and textures to guide the direction of the space.

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