2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | Chengdu Greentown • Phoenix Mansion | Chengdu Greentown Metropolis Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Located in Qingyang District, the project covers a land area of 43,000 ㎡ with a floor area ratio of 2.0. In the scheme, six modern high-rise residential buildings are designed in the northwest side of the plot while ten high quality ones are built in the south side. What features the project most is the three classic Chinese-style architectures built in the southeast corner, constituting the distinctive urban houses with courtyards unique to Chengdu. With this project, Greentown China has completed its three contemporary project series and has committed to creating the works with strategic importance.

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Chengdu Greentown • Phoenix Mansion
House Design Architecture Built

Chengdu Greentown Metropolis Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

Fang Pu

Design Team
Design team: Zhu Qiulong, Wu Han, Li Dong, Jiang Dong, Liu Xin, Yang Yi, Li Pengfei, Xiang Zhihong, Yan Shuai, An Liliang, Zeng Siyuan, Liao Dan; Project team : Luo Yun, Ding Ding, Zhao Peng, Liang Yuan, Tu Rui, Fang Pu

Chengdu, China


©Phoenix Mansion property development

  1. General Layout

“Courtyard” is the very element that organizes the master plan and space of the project. The designers seek to make the spatial form of the architecture complex conform to the traditional living pattern by designing different courtyards that scatter in the project. Therefore, the overall space in the master plan is well-arranged. The courtyard that leads to household serves as the public space for communication. When going home, the occupants pass here first and then stroll on the circuitous and quiet route and finally walk toward the private courtyard.

  1. Plane Design

Courtyard is the center of daily life so that the plane design of the project unfolds around it. The courtyard is enclosed with buildings, walls, corridors, and pavilions, creating a tranquil, safe, and clean inner space for the occupants.

Living spaces are surrounded by specific functional divisions including an entry courtyard, a main courtyard, a small landscaped yard, a vegetable garden, etc, making sure that occupants can enjoy scenery when windows are opened. However, the occupants could not gain the real living experience and artistic feeling in this kind of traditional architecture until they enter into each courtyard.

  1. Facade Design

As a high-end dwelling place amidst the urban bustle and hustle, it is designed to a high specification, ranging from the rooftop to the rising roof edge, so as to make it look dignified and magnificent as a whole. In dealing with the details of facade, the designers continue to employ and simplify the traditional architectural elements. The quintessence of those elements endows the architecture with a dignified but not luxurious, simplistic but not vulgar temperament.

The architectural aura of the project lies in the longing for a sheltered life in the vast city and the typical sentiment of the traditional literati in the dreamy Jiangnan region.

  1. Landscape design

The man-made landscape in the project looks very natural. The color and the odor of the space vary in four seasons, rendering the space poetic and romantic. People can sing and play Chinese Zither at the waterside pavilion. The project highlights not only the poetic atmosphere but also the utilization of images, like the bridge, flowing water, pavilion, snow, etc. Here, the occupants can appreciate the first snow falling upon Chengdu in winter and the flagrance of flowers in springtime.

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