2022 CD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Chengdu Forte Financial Island | Concept i

Fosun Group’s Forte Financial Island project will be Chengdu’s second major city center and a world-class new commercial district. It is the only full-scale waterfront complex in the core of Jiaozi business district, with a 500 m, 360 – degree view river frontage enjoying stunning natural scenery, an expansive fountain plaza and lush riverscapes. The project’s commercial component totals 80,000 sq. m., comprising two parts: the riverside block and the shopping center. The architecture is inspired by natural land and river forms embracing the spirit of the Huanglong terraces and soft eroded pebbles.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Chinese Design Awards 2022

Chengdu Forte Financial Island
Commercial Interior Under Construction

Concept i

Alec Wong, Natalie Chelliah

Design Team
Tarinee Manussarikarn, Chansin Kulyasorn, Eva Zhao, Elva Qu, Sandy Ren, Bella Gao

Chengdu, China


©Concept i


The 50,000 sq.m. lifestyle complex will introduce a wave of globally innovative retail, food and beverage, creative arts, entertainment, culture and nightlife.

Vision Approach

A Unique Sense of Chengdu “Futurism”

The 4 level retail podium is conceived as a composite of “futurist” inspired spaces fusing first line retail brands, with exquisite food, cultural and performance art experiences. Contemporary Chengdu inspired concepts are used to twist and weave 4 unique themes into the main public spaces: Fire and Spice, Contemporary Culture, and Forest of Fashion. At B1 Level, “Future Zone “provides a bold, hyper experiential food and entertainment zone, divided into 2 main spaces; Future Food and Future Lab.

02 Future Zone

Atrium 1 – Forest of Fashion

Chengdu’s bamboo forests of Wuhou Memorial Temple and Shunanarea inspired the spatial content and design of Atrium 1. The towering bamboo forms are interpreted into vertical digital forests which create special moments of wonder for customers as soon as they enter the mall.

Atrium 2 – Contemporary Culture

Chendu’s vibrant Sichuan opera, with all its senses of movement, colour, costume and make-up, inspired the Design of Atrium 2. Branded as “Contemporary Culture” the space uses digital surfaces and theatrical materiality of flowing fabrics, furniture, and stage props, capturing the drama of the Opera.

L2 – Chinese Designer Floor

The Chinese Designer floor is unique as it overlooks the Forest of Fashion, whilst being accessed and directly linked from Contemporary Culture. Customers will begin to notice the subtle elements from each zone, combining the dichroic lighting patterns with the futuristic take on the bamboo forests.

Atrium 3 – Fire and Spice

Layered glass and semi translucent surfaces are combined with warm colour changing illuminations to spice up the environment of Atrium 3. The world-class kinetic peppercorn installations including touch point information, directories, and educational gaming, are explored both by children and adults.

B1 – Hyper Experiential Food and Entertainment

The basement future zone brightens and livens up this lower area with space-age experiential design. The clean, white futuristic design elements are highlighted with green tones to elevate the dining experience, keeping the customer asking, ‘what is next?’