2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | CloudNanu Heritage Boutique Hotel | MET ARCHITECTURE DESIGN Co,ltd

The sit is located in an ancient Qiang village with a history of 1000 years, facing the snow mountains and backed by the forest. It is a provincial scenic spot and cultural heritage protection area in Sichuan, China. It is only 2 hours’ drive from the metropolitan city, but the tranquility, vicissitudes and eternal beauty of this place has been preserved to this day. Although the ancient village castle has become broken eaves and walls, its outline and legacy can still make people feel its glory and scale.

We try our best to make the new hotel building a bridge to reproduce history and glory. The memory of this place is realized through the preserved ruins and scattered fragments. As soon as tourists enter this area, various historical sites will naturally wake up and connect, and bring guests unique experience and feelings, so as to realize an unparalleled spiritual journey.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

CloudNanu Heritage Boutique Hotel
Hospitality Architecture (Concept)


Xiangming Xie

Design Team
Xiangming Xie &Team

Zengtou Village, Taoping Town, Li County, Sichuan,China


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