2021 IID 馃弳 Awards

Gold Winner | Cohl Wanglu路 Wulin Downtown In Hangzhou | Liyizhong & Associates

Once you open the door, you will enter a free art space and begin a modern metropolitan experience.

From New York to London, and from the film narrative to the perfection of life and living, the modern metropolis with its high-rise buildings and freedom has aroused people of the imagery of “urban life鈥, which becomes one of the profound imprints that influence the aesthetics of our time.

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Gold 馃弳 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

Cohl Wanglu路 Wulin Downtown In Hangzhou
Interior Design – Residential

Liyizhong & Associates

Li Yizhong

Design Team
Li Yizhong, Fan Yihua, Liu Xiaohong, Peng Le, Lian Yifeng, Yu Yucai, Tian Feng

Hangzhou 路 Zhejiang


漏Liyizhong & Associates

With a redefinition of urban impressions and new insights into the target crowd, Li Yizhong Interior Design adopts minimalistic colors such as black, white and grey to build an aesthetically touching scene in the design of Wulin Downtown, meticulously portraying the core of the “new style of metropolitan life ” – the art of formlessness, the modernity of eclecticism, and the spirit of freedom and abundance.

“The design of this 300m2 large flat contains two main lines of light and dark, one is the interplay of structural layout and aesthetic vision, and the other is the shaping of the spiritual dimension. We hope to distill freedom and inclusiveness from the trends and metaphors of the modern city, explore the core and essence of the urban lifestyle, and match the multi-dimensional height of the occupants.” Designer Li Yizhong said.

Due to the occupant couple’s professions as architect and fashion blogger, Li Yizhong introduced the modern urban spirit into the design to create a free space that carries the contemporary urban life. The concise and artistic approach of shaping the spatial aesthetics allows the space to freely shuttle between humanities and architecture. Through the fusion of Chinese and Western art and contemporary aesthetics, cultures and functions, a metropolitan habitat is constructed which embodies the spirit of freedom and the poetry of humanity – graceful and spirited, elegant and smooth.

The reasonable layout, fluid circulation, elegant artistic and free atmosphere create the fashionable, chic and free temperament of COHL WangLu路Wulin Downtown, which meets multiple needs of living, working and socializing, fully reflects the respect for individuality, and allows each person to properly settle independent personality and privacy, and turns the spiritual longing into a realizable scene.

Light imparts unlimited imagination to the space. The 270掳 panoramic lighting allows the sunlight to spill indiscriminately. In the open layout of living and dining rooms, the artistic black, white and gray is meticulously arranged with different shades of gray and with interplay of cold tone and warm tone; fresh wood tone and green enrich the color layers, and a few bunches of purple and white flowers embellish it, painting the black and white picture with a comfortable and elegant temperament.

Textured linen, delicate high-gloss lacquer, original dark wood veneer, and metal and leather detailing constitute a unique and interesting quality living space. The subtle relationship of color and outstanding artistic furnishings creates rich and various depth, comfortably outlining the interest of life.

Under the variation of light and shadow, the space is agile and floating, which gives people a sense of elegance and lustrousness, with a touch of depth and stateliness.

The dining room extends the multi-dimensional imagination of the living room and the infinite possibilities of aesthetics. Under the freely spreading chandelier, the black wooden dining table and the rustic rattan chairs, together with the exquisite utensils, and an urban ink painting frame the time and accompany daily meals with style.

The white wall separates life鈥檚 mundane fun of the Chinese kitchen from the exquisite fun of the Western kitchen, and the free flowing circulation makes life more unrestrained, with half taste and half romance.

The long bar with black and white ink patterned marble creates a simple and elegant ambience, of whose function is greatly enriched both to experience the fun of exploring food with family and friends, and to enjoy the quiet time of a cup of coffee and a book in the sunshine, extending the spacial depth endlessly.

Through interchangeable multifunctional spatial design, the collection room can be in “social mode” integrated with the dining room or in “companion mode” independently, the interchangeable space shows the couple’s attitude towards freedom and quality of life, and allows people to perceive the artistic atmosphere and urban style from the multi-dimensional living scenes.

The whole art display wall took inspiration from the high-end style of New York movies, which is also the designer Li Yizhong’s artistic understanding of urban life. The extreme black background and antique metal form a medium for displaying humanistic aesthetics. Aged pottery, multi-themed paintings, a variety of fashion and design books …… details echo the composition of the space, rendering the artistic aesthetic of the space, and building a serene place for deep communication and perception of the art.

The master bedroom suite of 55 m2 has a large 4-meter closet and a big washing room. The modern and elegant design makes the space more efficient. The soft and relaxing sunlight leisurely sprinkles into the house, which makes people feel unrestrained, bodies stretching and relaxed.

The beige ceiling and walls, dark gray headboard backdrop, comfortable and warm fabric bedding and sofa complement each other in the minimalistic space, the artistic painted wall decorations and fresh, light floral embellishments build a poetic space away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The second bedroom is a continuation of the overall style, plain and simple, decorated with a few artistic soft decorations to create an elegant resting experience, in which people can completely relax and feel the soft energy of life.

“Good design has both the aesthetics of design and solid life undertones. Design is to create infinite possibilities, and the highest level of it is to realize the spiritual meaning of space with poetic expression.”

In the multiple deconstruction and integration of art and life, freedom and space, contemporary urban life and modern living needs, Li Yizhong Interior Design incorporates rich and special humanistic impressions and spiritual structure, making the space extraordinary and modern, and presenting a spontaneous and textured living mood.

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