2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | FENDI CHÂTEAU Residence | Fanny Haim & Associates

This spacious oceanfront apartment boasts southern exposures that capture vistas of downtown Miami. The client wished for a vacation home that was both relaxing and made for entertaining, with a bar and media room that he and his teenage children could enjoy. Fanny Haim & Associates envisioned a sophisticated, coastal environment, vastly different than his other homes, that would also suit his art collection. 

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

Residential Apartment Interior

Fanny Haim & Associates

Fanny Haim

Design Team
Fanny Haim, President; Michelle Haim, Creative Director; Carolina Gutierrez, Sr. Principal Designer; Yolanda Gamboa, Lead Space Planning Associate

Surfside, Florida

United States

©Design by Fanny Haim & Associates

Inside this light-filled home, the design team provides architectural moments that differentiate this residence from others in the building and create an entirely unique space. The powder room was moved into the living area, allowing for a more compelling hallway leading to the master suite and a more aesthetic and functional experience. This reconfiguration incorporates columns, thoughtful lighting and Roman Travertine clad throughout the central core of the space, creating a background that permeates throughout the home. 


In the west side, a bedroom was opened to join the social area, creating a home office that boasts a glass and iron doorway and provides the owner with sunset and city views that come to life every evening. The master suite is spacious with multiple sitting areas and a four-poster bed. Behind the bed, a headboard wall is paneled with suede upholstery and framed in lacquer to create a restful and serene backdrop. The home’s back room houses a wine wall, a bar with shagreen doors and a home theater. 


The selected materials embrace a neutral color palette, manifested in a juxtaposition of different textures, including linens, silk, leather and animal hides. The flooring is a Belgian blue limestone, while the walls are kept white. Bedrooms enjoy a weathered wood finish, adding more layers to the monochromatic yet multi-textural palette. The carefully curated furniture collection features pieces deemed as functional art, along with classic moderns of timeless appeal. Selected brands include Christian Liaigre, Caste, Minotti, Holly Hunt, Apparatus studio and Dakota Jackson. 

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