2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | HIK 9 | JFR Studio

As the name suggests, HIK9 (Hiding in the Kitchen), aims to redefine bespoke dining experiences within an elegant yet contemporary private venue. Originally a bicycle parking garage of an office building, the exclusive establishment has been completely revitalized and is divided into three experiences: the lounge bar, the main dining room and the wine cellar.

Behind a concealed iron door, guests would explore through an understated corridor and arrive at the cozy lounge area.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Hospitality & Restaurant Interior (Built)

JFR Studio

Jeffrey Zee

Design Team
Jeffrey Zee




©JFR Studio

Complementing the leather armchairs, artisan accessories, textured materials, antique wood planks and metal mesh, the intimate scale and design style of the space intend to create an “amuse bouche” effect that arouses one’s curiosity before exploring further into the restaurant.

Featuring vintage photographs of old Shanghai neighborhoods, the concrete gallery begins to stretch the space vertically as it connects the lounge to the dry-aging showcase. The inherent, pink-tinted texture of the back-lit Himalayan rock salt blocks of the back wall provides a natural and picturesque backdrop for the extravagant display of various meats within the glass room. The HIK9 logo, embossed within the opposite concrete wall, once again reminds guests of the extraordinary journey ahead.

The generous dining area, with a ceiling height of almost 6 meters, can seat up to 20 guests at a time. The featured open kitchen is staged around the dining tables, allowing guests to engage and connect directly with chefs during the preparation process whilst their cravings for transparency and craftsmanship are also satisfied.

The preparation station on each side of the dining room is articulated with exquisite materials such as translucent stone, solid wood planks, perforated copper panels and brushed stainless steel surfaces. The satin-finish, dark grey terrazzo flooring, mixed with handcrafted copper chips, conveys a sense of individuality and craftsmanship that is also simple to maintain. The staggered ceiling treatment is composed of metal mesh and copper panels with integrated reflected strip lighting for an overall relaxing ambiance.

Towards the rear of the dining room, a pair of wooden doors unveil the final experience of the establishment: the original ramp of the bicycle garage has been converted into a decadent wine cellar. Adorned with crystal chandeliers and stained oak wine shelves, the celebrated gallery displays an exquisite collection of rare and fine wine from all around the world. Guests are invited to store, select, taste and share wine as part of the HIK9 experience.

Throughout the realization process of HIK9, the design and operation team strive together to create an exceptional experience that is precise and poetic, but not pretentious. In sync with the chef’s philosophy on his culinary creations, HIK9 combines customized materials, textures, lighting, accessories and excellent craftsmanship to cultivate a journey that is truly a treat to all senses.