2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | In S&N Resort | Penda China

Located in West Dharma Village, Fangshan District, Beijing, In S&N Resort is favorably sited amidst mountains and trees. Legend has it that the twenty-eighth generation of Bodhidharma disciples of Shaolin Temple in Songshan traveled across the world. When passing through the Baihuashan area, they built temples, spread Buddhism, did good deeds, and cured illness of local people under the protection of Bodhidharma. To commemorate the virtues of Dharma, the mountain peak there is called Dharma Mountain and the village is so called West Dharma Village. The 1,700 m2 hotel is elaborately planned in staggered layout on an 800 m2 site, enjoying magnificent views. The project is replanned on the parcel of the original residential building as a two-floor waterfront homestay hotel. The overall design not only echoes with the form of the village at the physical level, but also strives to achieve the initial intention of dialogue between the mind and nature at the spiritual level.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

In S&N Resort
Hospitality Architecture (Built)

Penda China

Hao Feifei

Design Team
Sun Dayong & Wan Shuyan

Xidamo Village, Qingshui Town, Mentougou District, Beijing


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Inspired by the building structure of Naxi people’s houses in Yunnan Province, the architectural design adopts solid stone structure at the ground floor to block moisture and strengthen the foundation, realizing a continuity between the buildings, site and village. The building is constructed by local stonemasons with stones collected from the surrounding areas. The building design fully reflects the characteristics of the local region and the site. The traditional pitched roof adds to the low-key and generous hotel image. The second floor adopts light and flexible wood structure to create natural and livable interior spaces. The wood-stone combination makes the whole space more diversified and attractive. The hotel lobby and guestrooms, which are connected by bridge, face each other across the water, allowing guests to fully experience the attractive natural environment while stepping into the site.

A total of 24 guestrooms are offered, including waterfront rooms and terraced rooms. The design maximizes the great views around the site and makes the building an integral part of the environment. Terraces are designed as platforms for guests to chat, drink tea and enjoy the beautiful scenery within a natural setting. The infinity pool in the hotel courtyard makes a perfect place for the hot summer. Inside the hotel, wide French windows in hotel rooms frame beautiful outdoor scenery, including the red bricks, blue water and green mountains into a live painting. Some interior walls of the hotel are decorated with exposed stones, highlighting the uniqueness of the generous space and creating a low-profile yet vibrant place. The elaborate design and placement of artworks inside the building reflect the taste of Oriental aesthetics. In such orderly spaces, people instantly become quiet and open-minded. At night, the lighting of the hotel building and that of the landscape corridor complement each other naturally, creating a pleasant holiday environment that makes people linger on. With babbling streams and beautiful mountain views, the hotel releases a peaceful, calming, comfortable and relaxing feeling from inside out, interpreting what is called extreme romance of wild luxury.


The landscape design, giving due respect to the existing landscape, primarily centers on renovation and softening the environment so that travelers can enjoy the tranquil and peaceful nature. The plain hotel form is well integrated into the surrounding environment; the unrestrained and generous layout, complete leisure facilities, luxurious and comfortable accommodation relax both the body and mind. Dharma Hotel is a perfect integration of the conflicting “wildness” and “luxury” and an expression of people’s yearning for embracing nature. The high land level makes it a good place to watch the clouds, the sunrise and the sunset, smell the flowers, listen to forest winds and see the stars. It is an ideal destination for one to rest, relax and seclude from the bustling and hustling of cities.

Trees in a stream running across the site makes the natural landscape of the guestrooms, and presents changing views in different seasons. In lush summer, it is a rare resort for hiking in the mountains along streams; in colorful autumn, flowers bloom as quietly as they fall in the courtyard; in white winter, the red plum blossoms are set off by the white snow, such a gorgeous sight. A place of pure nature is found in the remote and peaceful village.