2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Jersey Shore | Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design

The transformation of this beachfront home by Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design was an evolution seven years in the making. Phases were carefully coordinated allowing use during the summer months. Originally a split level, the floors were unified by a central staircase linking the two sides of the home. A new skylight, above the modern sculptural stairs, allows light to filter through the three story Capiz shell chandelier creating a centerpiece.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

Jersey Shore
Private Residential Interior Built

Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design

Marguerite Rodgers

Design Team
Marguerite Rodgers, MaMo Architects, Hess Landscape Architects

New Jersey

United States

©Halkin Mason Photography

Communal spaces pivot off of the stairwell. Landings lead you to guest suites as well as the family’s private quarters consisting of children’s bedrooms, playroom, and master suite. A rear stair tower connects the master suite to the children’s spaces.

The interiors are eclectic, layered and relaxed, reflecting the homes physical location with a mix of natural materials, tones and textures. Furnishings and finishes were selected with an emphasis on comfort, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The loggias operable walls unify the interior and exterior spaces. Once outside, the cabana houses a kitchen and bar, with a slatted arbor providing shade over the dining area. A hydraulic pool floor (at the time, the first in the Northeast) can be raised to extend floor space for entertaining. Appropriate materials for the flooring were selected to withstand the extreme winter weather in the Northeast.

Several seating areas create different experiences. A shaded floating dock juts into the pool for reading a book or a group of lounge chairs are a comfortable spot for sunbathing. Modern furniture mixed with stone artifacts against the lush landscape reinforces the eclectic interiors.

Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design worked with MaMo Architect and Hess Landscape Architects on the project.

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