2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Rykadan Office HQ | JERDE

Originally tasked with designing the facade of this new HQ office building in the trendy Wang Chuk Hang district of Hong Kong, JERDE was soon asked to take on the interior design, including the main entrance corridor, lobby, lounge, parking garage, and restrooms.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

Rykadan Office HQ
Workplace Interior Concept


Sharmila Tankha

Design Team
Sharmila Tankha, Lead Designer + Stephanie Vuong, Associate, Project Designer

Wang Chuk Hang, Hong Kong



To compete with similar office buildings in the up-and-coming commercial district, the design needed to be upscale with an artistic edge and needed to have a distinct identity and story. Our designers proposed three design options as different personality archetypes, the client chose ‘The Ambassador’ – cultured, worldly, erudite, and sophisticated. The materials selection includes a unique mix of ‘found objects’ from all over the world. Upon entering the space, visitors are transported to an eclectic wonderland of worldly accents and thoughtful design.

At the ground-level corridor, visitors enter a carefully curated gallery-like setting, complete with an interchangeable gallery wall. The adaptability of the space will allow it to remain fresh and forward-thinking for years to come. Various light fixtures flow throughout the space, acting as way-finders guiding guests as they ascend to the next level.  A custom mural is the focal point and backdrop as you move from the ground level to the main lobby and lounge.

As guests approach the reception desk in the main lobby, they are met with an array of textiles and textures, evoking curiosity and perpetuating the feel of the ‘The Ambassador’. Throughout the project, there is a faint, almost subliminal ‘R’ incorporated into certain aspects of the design, honoring the client. The look of antique carpets is achieved through recreations of faded Persian rugs, while herringbone tiles create yet another layer of visual interest, and wallpaper in the main lounge is made from recycled newspaper woven into the metallic, grass-like wall covering.  A Zen garden sits in the transitional space between the front desk and elevator lobby, greeting visitors and occupants alike with a reminder of yet another culture.

The Sky Garden section of the project is more than an outdoor oasis, it’s an exercise in safety, storage, and ingenuity. To meet building codes, each piece in the space is designed to be dismantled and stowed in one of the cleverly hidden storage spaces.

Collectively, the various spaces designed by JERDE create a signature headquarters office that is both in tune with the eclectic and multi-cultural feel of the community, and reflective of the company’s forward-thinking, sophisticated brand.

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