2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – S70 Slot Diffuser by Airbreeze Green Technology Co.,Ltd.

S70 slot diffuser (diffuser) is a product used for central air conditioning outlet, fresh air outlet and return diffuser, exhaust outlet, ceiling access port. It can also be used as a decorative diffuser. Its shape is presented in a long slot, with a minimalist and beautiful appearance, which can be perfectly integrated with any ceiling. The blade adopts aerodynamic structure design, with a jet-like cross-section to meet the high jet induction. The whole design process was completed by the integration and collaboration of international design team and material process research and development team to create a new mode of combining material design and visual design and to develop a new central air conditioning slot diffuser with the practicality of architectural decoration materials, design sense, environmental protection in one.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022 (IIDA 2022)

S70 Slot Diffuser
Product Design Concept

Airbreeze Green Technology Co., Ltd.

Peter Zheng

Design Team
Peter Zheng, Chief Xie, Yuyu You

Xiamen, Fujian


©Airbreeze Green Technology Co., Ltd.

The S70 Slot Diffuser is formulated to overcome the limitations of traditional claw diffuser technology and to deliver an easy demountable design. At the hinged connection between the card slot connection seat and the fixed hinge card seat, the design team incorporated the novel new COILINK™ opening and closing hook hinge design. By lightly tilting the opening and closing hinge holder with slide rail springs to realize the flipping and opening of the air conditioner diffuser blades relative to the diffuser frame, or pressing with bare hands (without the use of special tools), the lower end of the card slot connection seat of the air conditioner diffuser can be connected. The other end is fastened to the air conditioner’s frame at the diffuser, and a fixed hinge holder serves as a closing mechanism and limit fixation, enabling later cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioner safer and more practical.

The diffuser blade and frame of this plain-looking air conditioner are simple to open and close and can be connected. The function of the diffuser and return air accessories is utilized to integrate the connection structure, and the return air filter and diffuser louvers can be put together in layers simultaneously. The hinge mount with slide spring is fixed with the fixed hinge mount through the slotted connection seat with trunnion, so that the connection structure of the utility model can be applied to the diffuser, and the diffuser blade can be opened and closed lightly by turning vertically with respect to the diffuser frame. It is convenient for the later maintenance of the diffuser, and has the advantages of reasonable structural design and practical beauty.