2022 GFD 馃弳 Awards

Gold Winner | SUNAC路MOGAN VALLEY – ZHU LIN LI | Zoom Design

Traveling in mountains, guests from city can appreciate the sparking stars while talking with partners, forgetting the annoyance and finding the precious freedom and private space. In designing this project, the designer endeavors to provide a cozy and homey space with nature for guests, appealing citizens鈥 longing and desire for freedom and life.

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Gold 馃弳 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Housing Interior (Built)

Zoom Design


Design Team
Zoom Design

Huzhou, Zhejiang, China


漏bmStudio, Yan Ming

As the first project of rural culture and tourism industry of SUNAC, Mogan Valley covers with some 680 acres unoccupied land in Wukangzhen Development Zone, Guozhao County, Deqing, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province. Nurturing the contemporary lifestyle with poetic and quaint Gangnan culture, this project meets the citizens鈥 needs of international modern life landscape.

Having occupied in estate design related to culture and tourism for many years, with expert experience on plan, design and materialization of multiple cultural and tourism county which covers hundreds of thousands of sq meters, the designers take on the soft design of this project, covering showroom, coffee, rooms of 50, 70 and 120 sq meters size and single cabin. In the design of this project, as a observer and recorder in cultural and tourism industry, the designers explore the different space experience from the perspective of forward-looking with keen insight and expert knowledge. Combining the features of single room into the common qualities of whole space, the designer connects the inherent spirits of product, life landscape and operation service, creating a poetic lifestyle with nature. The designer demonstrates the original feature of the space by linking it with nature through stairs. In the design of living hall of this project, the designer forms the space frame and cube structure while responding to modern elements with simple styles, making this project distinctive and classic. Nature is born to be the star of this space. The shadow of bamboo and mountain lying on the wall and clear glass with sunset and breeze, presenting bountiful and plentiful interests.

Being harmonious with nature, the design is guided by original condition with spatial aesthetic. The idea of living in harmony with life that the designers bear is based on the harmony between people and others, nature, space and life, a kind of pure power without the limit of form or idea. Therefore, the designer is committed to build this coffee shop as a poetic space and homey residence.

This project includes water bar, dining area, negotiation area, deck and other areas, providing infinite possibilities for residents鈥 daily life. The lively scene and rich traditional culture mixes under the light, creating a quiet and plain atmosphere through flowers in the mountains, moss under the trees, wooden chairs, screen with rattan compiled, chairs made of bamboo, linen carpet and pillows.

The harmonious nature, rich humanities and colorful life constitute the media of the designer in creating the space and landscape. From the perspective of the designers, structure and porcelain bear essence beyond themselves. The seemly free proportion and irregular order of the space realize the space change from exterior to interior. The abstract mural exists the same in four seasons , then art integrates with nature, presenting an ideal scene.

Still and quiet, passing and returning constitute aesthetic contrast in the natural landscape. In the changeable scene, the relationship between people and nature delivers the struggle and meditation of life to some extent. Miscanthus sacchariflorus blossom among the mountains. As pure as snow, fluff is born to be the perfect media for the connection between light and shadow, presenting the punchline in the canteen. Large glass surfaces broaden the view of landscape, with the natural light, contrast of boundless nature, the space demonstrates cozy and distinct ambience, tranquil and elegant.

There is a saying that thoughtful essence can鈥檛 be realized without the contrast of boom and depression, light and dark, past and present. The designers dissatisfy the appearance of silence, trying to create a corner beside the window of trees, stones, moss and furniture, evoking the vitality of space in the contrast of exterior and interior, realizing the mutual interaction between scene and spirit.

From the perspective of the designers, naturalism is born to be a media between design and spirit. The original and natural landscape plus artificial and delicate elements balance the life and qualify.