2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Floating Recycling Sustainable Residential Complex | John A Simonetti Architect LLC

The Concept is to propose a series of recycle habitation clusters in four areas of Lagos, and also a main plastic recycle plant. These structures will float and be able to move to different locations. Also each habitation unit will be able to travel to the main plastic recycle plant to transfer plastic. Each unit will be able to collect plastic from the water by the use of spiral sea arm collectors. The habitation units will float on a grid of recycled plastic bottles filled with air. The units will be made of materials that were manufactured from recycled plastic. 3D printers will also be used to manufacture the habitation units.  The units themselves will be powered by solar and wind turbines. The habitation units will be located along tree lined spiral jetties which will also serve as a nature walk and park for the community.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Floating Recycling Sustainable Residential Complex
Housing Single Family (Concept)

John A Simonetti Architect LLC

John A Simonetti

Design Team
John A Simonetti

Lagos Nigeria

United States

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Locations of Habitation Spiral Clusters:
Eko Atlantic – Victoria Island, Banana Island, Lekki Phase 1 – Lagos Island, Victoria Garden City.

Locations of Plastic Recycle Plant:
Victoria Island at the far tip of the peninsula.

Program for Habitation Units :
Four levels, main living area, upper two levels contain bedrooms and private space, The lower level is for the collection of plastic which will be abstracted from the spiral sea arms that surround the home.

Design Concept for the Habitation Units:
Patterns in Nature, The units are designed with the idea of patterns in nature, such as flowers and plants, with a particular concentration on a conch shell, this will be reflected in the design. This will be reflected in all dimensions of the design.