2022 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | The Eye of Pinshan——OCT Pinshan Complex Project | RMJM

Located in Shenzhen China, the Eye of Pingshan is intended to be a highly visible, user-friendly, urban complex, marking both the entry and heart of Pingshan CBD. With its cohesive design language across towers and podium of its multi-use areas, the 281,000 SQM with 250m super-rise tower encompasses 96,000 SQM of office space, 43,000 SQM of retail space, and 50,000 SQM hotel space.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2022

The Eye of Pinshan——OCT Pinshan Complex Project
Mixed-Use Architecture Under Construction

RMJM Shenzhen Limited


Design Team
Hua Yang, Angyang Li, Aisha Wang,  Chenxian Wu

Pinshan, Shenzhen, China 


©RMJM Shenzhen Limited 

The masterplan of the project is laid out tight and efficiently, which establishes systematic routes for pedestrians and public transport. The 24-hour urban public passageway on the underground floor conveniently connects the subway station, underground retail, and bus terminal, binding the project with the surrounding city .

when creating the project, our architects took as their inspiration the age-old, universal ideas of creating Openings and Enclosures to define a language and plan appropriate to the project’s urban design and the client brief.

Openings are an idea of creating and embracing a bright future; the integration of multiple external physical and cultural environments; the joining layers that flow seamlessly together to define and shape a new and appropriate urban place.

Enclosures are the idea of creating a series of defined functional zones that when linked together form a community, an urban environment that when completed, will enhance the lives of all visitors at many levels.

Openness and enclosure are not just simple visual metaphors or modeling techniques to be used when creating a project, they are ideas that enable the construction of a series of diverse linked, interactive three-dimensional spaces; spaces that enable and enhance the complex cultural, social, and economic interactions that define modern public and private urban living.

The sensuous curves of the super high-rise IM Landmark Tower flow to create a bright eye, giving the core idea of “opening” a strong visual metaphor. The IM Tower is full of life, one that hoists the working lives of many thousands, and at the top we find the calmness of the Marriot Hotel, whose sky lobby is placed within an eye, looking out towards the surrounding city and the world beyond.

Diagonally across the site is the smaller and more intimate Boutique hotel tower. As a mirrored pair, the towers frame and locate the beating heart and core of the development, the IM JoyLINK retail center. This is in turn is topped by the crowning IM CUBE office building. These four key commercial elements define the commercial reasoning for OCT to build this mixed-use development.

Linking the core components together is a large-scale urban podium park. Created as a tactile sensory experience, it’s an oasis within the complex building forms that both define and enclose it. This warm, vibrant green sky garden naturally leads the community to the creative and cultural heart of the development, the linked OCT Imagination Center, IM Art Space, and IM Cloud.

With the support of OCT, the concept of “the Eye of Pingshan” was born – that will brighten up the city with the imagery of welcoming eyes, that announces its self by embracing classic and modern, simplicity and elegance, rationality and romance. The completion of the project will continue to empower the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.