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Gold Winner | The Lotus pond, Pearl Bay at Puning | inter_design

Puning Xinghe Pearl Bay Lotus Pond Project consists of three parts: the Pearl Bay Archway, the tree-lined avenue and the lotus pond. This project is not only the main entrance of Mingzhuwan Hanma Lake Scenic Area, but also the main circulation for residents of Mingzhuwan community to return home. Puning people carry the humanities and customs of the Chaoshan area, pay attention to etiquette, hospitality and family values . Therefore, the feeling of returning home is the key point of design consideration. It is hoped that it can remind the spiritual symbol of home and provide a comfortable and warm home journey. The mood changes from the hustle and bustle of the city to the quiet life of the community.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

The Lotus pond, Pearl Bay at Puning
Landscape Design (Built)



Design Team
Chenhaoxian, Guozewei, Nelsie, Huangxiaoqing, Tanbinxing, Xiaokemao, tangzhihao,Cuihaiyan

Pearl Bay, Puning, Guangdong, China



02 Archway

The archway, called “Chuochong” in ancient times, is a kind of doorway-style building in ancient China. It is a treasure of the Chinese nation and a unique landmark building in China and the world’s Chinese regions. It is the carrier of literature and art. , Poetry as decoration, geometric shape as shape, abstractly expresses the artistic atmosphere of the building and reproduces the scene of life in combination with various literary and artistic forms. , Under the restriction of “ceremony”, the decoration of the archway was marked with the imprint of ritual culture.

The archway is located at the intersection of the Mingzhuwan Community. It is symmetrical in Chinese style. It is majestic and solemn during the day and full of golden armor at night, allowing travelers to feel the return of oriental traditions when they enter the “everyone” of the Mingzhuwan Community. family ritual. From the city road, you can see the archway from a distance, gradually approach, pass through it, and enter the boulevard, which can make people slowly wash away a kind of completeness of returning home.

03 tree-lined avenue and lawns

Passing through the archway, there is a tree-lined avenue with hackberry as the landscape structure to welcome the residents home. In addition to the neatly sequenced street trees, pink kapok is also planted on both sides, and it presents a colorful scene with sunset. A large open lawn beside the avenue is ideal for family day camping picnics, running and rolling, casual photography, or kite flying.

04 The Lotus Pond

Passing through the shaded tree-lined avenue, the lotus pond is looming in a Metasequoia forest. The lotus pond was originally a water gathering place in the surrounding mountains. It has been abandoned for a long time. In the development of scenic spots and communities, we propose to design it as a lotus pond by the lake, which can not only store rainwater, but also become a holiday attraction in the community .

The lotus pond is composed of steps theater under the forest, Metasequoia forest plank road, lakeside plaza, and community hydrophilic balcony. The winding steps of the Underwood Theater provide a streamlined passage to the water, and are also a place for gathering and socializing. The arbor provides a shaded microclimate and a comfortable environment. On the platform, you can see the entire lotus pond from the top down. Four seasons beauty. The Metasequoia forest plank road passes through the lotus pond, the plank road is wrapped by the Metasequoia forest, and the three extended platforms extend into the pond, where you can sit and rest, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and fishing for entertainment. Lakeside Plaza is a good place for morning exercises, Tai Chi, stretching, children’s games, everyone likes to do it here. The community hydrophilic balcony can directly come from the community to the lotus pond. The poolside party is the most relaxing activity after work. The bar, sofa, cocktails, and a series of community activities in the community all take place by the pool.