2023 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Turning Page by Nanyi Design Interior Design Studio

In order to maximize light, the designer used glass partitions and an open approach to create a sense of brightness, allowing natural light to penetrate the room at various angles.

At the entrance of the main door, the designer partitioned off a small space with dim light in order to allow people returning home to settle down in this space. Also, through the transformation of space, owners could feel completely relaxed and then entering the bright and spacious room. The light lines change with the direction of wooden louvers as symbol of the owner’s life transition from abroad back to hometown. The solid wall between the dressing room and the bedroom is replaced by a semi-transparent glass partition to reduce the physical shading in the space. The textured glass allowed light to flow through while taking care of privacy.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023

Turning Page
Residential Interior (Built)

Nanyi Design Interior Design Studio

Chung Wei Chih

Design Team
Chung Sei Chih, Chang Yi Yun

Zubei, Taiwan


©Nanyi Design Interior Design Studio

The designer used the shape of the ceiling to define the common area. Since the beam in the center is specially low, the designer inserted light strips into the columns to relieve the pressure from the low height. For comfort feeling, the custom-made curved aluminum light strips on the ceiling replaced the common spotlights, which not only provide gentle light sources, but also added a sense of warmth to the space with streamlined rounded shapes. At the same time, giving the space, which is mainly made of stone, iron and glass, a warm touch.

In the public area, a multi-functional space was planned with glass wall and organ curtain as a spatial partition, and the space is created to be flexible by the foldable bed, which can be used as a guest room or exercise space.

The lines and textures of light drove the atmosphere of the home, and this project, with its open-up design, satisfied a family of four who have just moved back to Taiwan from New York, who love the sun and to start a new chapter in their new apartment.