2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Xi’an Airport International Business Center Landscape Design | Shanghai Gudi Landscape Planning and Design Co., LTD

The project is located in Xixian New District, two kilometers from Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, at the junction of Yingbin Avenue and Fuyin Freeway.With an outstanding geographical location and convenient transportation.The Part ii project and the completed part i proiect will exhibit the aatewav imaae of the airport as a whole in the future, so they will pay more consideration to the integration of the two landscapes in order to achieve “unity of image and distinctive characteristics.”

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Xi’an Airport International Business Center Landscape Design
Public Landscape Architecture (Built)

Shanghai Gudi Landscape Planning and Design Co., LTD

Chen Yong

Design Team
Chen Yong, Zhang Haitao, Xu Haixia, Ye Jindan, Chen Feng

Project Location
Airport New City, Xi Xian New Area, Shaanxi Province


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Due to the project site’s restricted and long terrain, the architectural functions are more extensive, and the entrance and departure typically linear. As a result, the landscape desian should be closely coupled with the architectural function of the moving line, reasonable organization and planning of outdoor traffic to generate convenient traffic, and orderly interpenetration.Most of the site is collapsible loess.When saturated by water under particular pressure, the soil layer structure is rapidly collapsed, resulting in significant further subsidence and a swift degradation of strength.As a result, designing and building on the collapsible loess site is challenging.

Our goal is to “integrate the garden and harmoniously live together, the beauty of ecology touching the soul.”The image’s display surface is the major entrance square. To create a sense of ceremonial in welcoming guests, an arrangement of ginkgo trees at the entrance is combined with stone benches and decorative grass planting strips.The centerpiece landscape is the Autumn Landscape Park, with the architectural corridor as the design center, the welcome tree array with weathering steel flower beds,and the leisure square as the center of gravity for office workers to relax and socialize.A ribbon rain garden is generated along the building loop to collect and use rainwater on the ground.Local species of plants are primarily employed to create a lovely and comfortable environment in accordance with a high aesthetic idea.By controlling the rainwater movement through the slope and topography the most appropriate rainfall flow control is achievedand the ecological naturalization and infiltration visualization are finally realized.