2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Honorable Mention | Powerlong Sales Center, Haikou | Y. DESIGN

The project is a property sales center located in Haikou City, China, a garden city that features beautiful scenery, a slow-paced lifestyle and a friendly and intimate character.

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🏆 Honorable Mention
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Powerlong Sales Center, Haikou
Commercial Interior Built


Lin Yifen

Design Team

Haikou City, Hainan Province, China


©Yu Photography

Space with a healing and warm character is quite popular among modern urbanities. This sales center with an intimate and inclusive atmosphere redefines the interior environment and service experience, breaks the single function of the commercial space and injects diversified scenes into it.

Elements extracted from classic fairy tale “The Little Prince” are integrated in to the public area, helping weaken the commercial atmosphere of the sales center and endowing this future community space with a humanistic and artistic touch. Interactive and immersive spatial narratives create distinctive socializing scenes. Areas for leisure and working, coffee and book bars and the parent-child interaction space offer visitors various spatial functions and experiences.

The overall space is clearly divided into several functional areas, and is outlined by color layers and spatial lines. Besides, the open spatial pattern is combined with free circulations, which together create the contrast of the sparse and the dense, the real and the virtual, hence arousing visitors’ curiosity to explore the space.

The negotiation area is dominated by the gentle Morandi color system, and the low-saturation color palette sets a calm tone for the space, which is in contrast with the orange hue of leather seats. Complemented by light, this area appears vivid and harmonious, generating a surprising visual effect.

The long wooden table in the reading area is matched with seats of various styles, thereby enriching interactive experiences.

Based on precise, rigorous and rational thinking, the design of the coffee bar adopts smooth and simple lines. The wood color well blends with matte light-gray stone materials, which presents a low-profile yet long-lasting aesthetic. In this composite space, the coffee bar becomes a central visual focus and a node that guides the circulation.

With storytelling and interactive spatial scenes, the space realizes an ideal future interactive environment and experience.

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