2020 IID 🏆 Awards


Each space has its innate characteristics, which is infinitely amplified by its unique design, thus forming the core concept and design style of the house.

Second Runner-Up – International Interior Design Awards 2020
Designer | RACHEL CHAN

Project Category | Residential Interior Built
Country | China
Photographer/Copyright | ©RACHEL CHAN


Shanghai Qingpu Royal Lake Villa District (Singapore City Development Limited CDL), of which No 111 villa is a model showroom designed by FRAME DG – Shanghai FRAME Design Office.

The original building is on the first floor of a promenade with the living room / dining room / kitchen and several functional areas segregated undesirably by a long corridor. FDG, which specializes in hotel design, transplants the commonly used “TRANSITIONAL SPACE” concept of hotel space layout into the villa space.  With the clever creation of a foyer area, the west wing kitchen island softens the hard edges of the corridor space, allowing several functional spaces to be visually and functionally linked up.

The simple modification enables the creation of a more balanced space, enhancing a symmetry which is in line with the minimalist ideals of the “Amsterdam Waldorf” style.

The whole villa works on a deliberate white backdrop, using blue to signify a former seafaring era that is consistently carried through in the common areas. Dotted with soft red as an embellishment, and several Art Deco oil painting, the villa exudes just the right amount of an European styled luxurious decadence. In addition, accessories procured directly from the Netherlands subtly hints of the influence of Amsterdam’s 19th-century architecture.

The carved ceiling design is another feature of an era where no surfaces is left bare or intricate details. Through detailed planning, painstaking hand drawn graphics, and a careful selection of the right material, the final showpiece is born. Specially curated copper door rings, antique chandeliers, European traditional crystal lamps further exudes the charms of a traditional European interior.

The first floor: the living room uses the original building’s 8-sided structure to create the perfect entertainment space with a fully functional mini bar. Be it a simple high tea with friends or a small business gathering, it is the most appropriate setting. The western kitchen, dining area and the Chinese kitchen triangulates to form both a functional and highly adaptable space.

The second floor: the master bedroom functionality is styled after a presidential suite in any 5 stars hotel. The luxurious touch is carried through to the adjacent guest rooms which are similarly modeled after hotel executive suites.

The basement: featuring a full bar setting with functional baking facilities, exuding a whiff of rich red velvet cakes, this is a space after the hearts of Peacock Alley, Amsterdam fans.  A fully equipped audio room and home spa completes the package

This is a home befitting of a modern world royalty with an old soul reminiscing an 18th century decadence.