2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Second Award | Boussoleil | François Lévy Architecture + Interiors

After raising a large, blended family and nearing retirement, our clients requested an energy-efficient residence on a 16-acre site in rural Elgin, Texas. They pictured an escap that would be maintenance friendly, age-in-place adaptable, and whose sculptural quality would represent their expressive family.

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🏆 Second Award
Global Future Design Awards 2021

Residential Architecture Built

François Lévy Architecture + Interiors

François Lévy

Design Team
Jonathan Clow, Randy Dorsey, Mark Leatherman, Jarrett Denton, Way Atmadja, Kelli Taylor, Tracie Hoover, Kenneth Cattles, John Murrell, Kurt Thiemer, Ronnie Weems, Osvaldo Lopez, Bob Gilde, Natalie Gibbs

Elgin, Texas

United States

©Chris Diaz, Trevor Smith

Green design elements are prevalent throughout Boussoleil. The home has a dominant east-west axis, providing for maximum control of solar gain. Its careful placement on the site allows for growth of nearby vegetation. A bowed and sleek thermal chimney faces south for efficient passive ventilation. The pitch and azimuth of the standing seam roof create an optimal environment for the use of solar panels and for water collection in a 20,000-gallon cistern.

Additionally, we strove to disperse unique architectural moments through the interior and exterior spaces. The inside is age-friendly and offers an expansive view from the south terrace. The building cantilevers past the imposing board formed foundation; this structurally expressive solution draws one’s focus back to the primary architecture. Our incorporation of local materials is exemplified in a curved extrusion in the entryway, which features local Elgin brick. We endeavored to deliver an ideal place of retirement for our clients, while also producing a design that adds to the picturesque setting of Elgin.

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