UDAD Awards 2019

Second Award- Interest·Composition crayfish restaurant | Nanjing Real Group Architecture

When we talk about nanjing, apart from its history and architecture, there are also various kinds of delicious food: Nanjing water boiled duck, Soup Dumpling, Duck blood soup with vermicelli, Large meatball…Of course, as one of the three giants of the gastronomica industry, there is no doubt that the crayfish restaurant is indispensable.


Second Award – Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Firm | Nanjing Real Group Architecture
Category | Interior Design- Restaurant
Team | Xu Zhichao, Wang Dan, Yan Qing
Country | China

Composition refers to the creative combination of certain morphological elements according to visual laws, mechanical principles, psychological characteristics and aesthetic principles in the field of design.

In 1919, the Bauhaus school under Gropius’s slogan of “the unity of art and technology”, they make great efforts to seek and explore new modeling methods and concepts, conduct a lot of research on abstract artistic elements such as point, line, surface and body, and spend a lot of energy on the modeling methods of abstract shape, color and quality. Their research and innovation in teaching lay a solid foundation for modern teaching.

Interestingness refers to the fact that news and its expression methods are full of interest and human interest to attract the audience.

Therefore, the model of this case is to disassemble the space and translate it into the space language through the form of abstract interest for expression and research.


We deconstructed the shape of the lobster, divided it into different geometric forms and placed them in the space.The color of the shrimp tail is red and white.In addition, the belly of the shrimp shell is white and stacked, just like the steps of the stairs. The red color on the back of the shrimp tail is just like the enclosed part of the stairs.The tail of the shrimp is abstracted into the middle part of the body.


Two long rectangular compartments on the second floor are abstract deformations of lobster pincers.The most attractive part of a lobster is probably two huge claws, so we have left this part in a kind of bilateral symmetry.We solved the two rooms on the second floor into an exaggerated independent shrimp clamp.Make the most effective combination and expression of visual expression and spatial function.


Two round mirrors are the eyes of a lobster. In the choice of materials and colors, red, white and wood.White not only echoes the color of the lobster, but also softens the space and highlights the structural features.Desk and chair chooses wood color, rich affinity, also make a space more pure.


If composition is a design technique, then interest is the core of design.We wanted to divide and plan the space in a more commercial way through the composition of the volume. As Cui Shu said: “good design is not built with pop elements.” Not only are we not using the traditional methods of Internet celebrities, we are not following the crowd. But through interesting but not vulgar architectural techniques, to express the feeling of space, and produce a very visual and material design expression.

The power of business is not to pander, but to think and practice after expression. Business is honest, honest to the point that data is the only core of verification, and emotion is another expression that we give space to. I believe that the result of rational thinking and emotional output must be taken for granted after practice.