UDAD Awards 2019

Third Award- Restaurant Chef’s Brothers | artytechs

We aimed at changing the existing environment without major reconstruction. Therefore, we decided not to stick to any particular style, we wanted to come up with something that would suit all ages and tastes. Existing walls, windows, and apertures have been maintained and there were no substantial changes made in the bar and kitchen.


Third Award – Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Firm | artytechs
Category | Interior Design- Restaurant
Team | Daduna Shatashvili
Country | Georgia

The most attention is drawn to the wall with different figures, which reflects the character of the nineteenth century and is interestingly blended in modern interiors. The figures themselves are in motion, reflected in golden cubes painted with modern methods.

We accentuated the massive combination of beams on the ceiling by painting them in black, making the historical map of Old Tbilisi more visible across the ceiling. Lights hanging on different heights is perceived as a whole, aesthetically merging with the same style wall lightings.

The space had two windows with the view on a garden, so we created a classic decoration around the window with black and gold ornaments, so the person sitting in the restaurant has a feel that he looks at the windows from outside.

There is a special area for tasting Georgian wine with loft-style shelves for different assortment of Georgian wine. Guests will be treated with the highest quality Georgian wine, by the table which is dominant with two hanging lightings.

Space also has a mezzanine with an internal staircase, which was fully maintained with its railing. Loft style shelves balance the classic style the railing. The two lightings hanging above the table also give the mezzanine interesting look.

The toilets can be considered as a separate design element because the front doors are classic, but when opening the door one can see modern black brick walls, with creative mirrors and lamps.

The restaurant also has a private garden for guests to enjoy the outdoor facilities. It should be noted that the space is divided into three zones, first for outdoor seating with glass roofing separated from sidewalk with a fenced greens and folding glass door connected to the middle main area. If necessary, loft-style doors can be folded for outdoor space to adapt to the middle area. Bar is isolated from these two spaces and can be operated independently.

Considering clients will to maintain existing details and elements, made it more difficult to reconstruct the space. The main task was to fully restyle the environment as the restaurant changed its image, function and space with a completely new concept.

The difficulty has been overcome and today the restaurant is fully adapted, it is a favorite place for visitors and works with great intensity. The kitchen is particularly distinguished, as it offers different dishes for both Georgian and European tastes. Often tourists who visit Georgia point out that such a combination of exquisite interior with cuisine makes this restaurant unforgettable.