2020 GFD 🏆 Awards

Special Mention: Anthea Hotel by TT DESIGN

The Anthea Hotel is based in Shenzhen, a modern and fashionable city, and was converted from an office building. It took three years for the hotel to complete its brand-new internal planning and design. Integrated with the character of orchids, natural landscapes, humanities and history, the hotel not only boasts a luxurious appearance, but also provides an elegant and quality space for communication.

Special Mention- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Architect/Designer | Chen Weiwen

Category | Commercial Interior Built
Team | Hard decoration designers: Chen Weiwen, Weng Yusheng, Chen Guangcheng; Decoration designers: Wang Hongwei, Liang Yan, Yu Huizhen
Country | China
Photographer/Copyright | ©Qiuxin


Through the display of art works, guests can empathize with the mountains, waters and humanities of Shenzhen. The artistic feelings conveyed by the hotel soothe the restless souls. It’s an unexpected surprise to discover this unusual residence as well as a beginning of an infinite nostalgia for a city…

At the entrance, the hotel logo matches well with the exposed structure of rust stone. One step into the lobby, one will find the magnificent splendor permeates the whole space. The 23 meters long and 4 meters wide chandelier requires extremely great techniques and it took one month to install. The chandelier was manually spliced by 26,000 wooden rods and 4000 acrylic rods just to create an imaginary view of mountains and waters. Natural jade such as the snow white marble, agate jade, Tiger’s Eye, shell mosaic, etc. were selected and used, adding exquisite details to the space. The lobby bar emphasizes its leisure function. Through the mixed use of stones, natural woods, acrylic and glass texture, plenty of details are highlighted. The well-matched color tone of the carpets and furniture has effectively divided the space. The open layout and proper spacing contribute to a satisfactory social experience for the guests.

On the entrance side of the all-day restaurant, there is a miniature metal model of a mountain, adding a sense of leisure and art to the space. The marble bar counter and the vertical metal grille form a corridor with unsealed separations. The grey marble and wood echo the irregular wavy ceiling, adding to some glamour of the space. The Flower Banquet restaurant integrates the dining zone with the kitchen where lights blend into the scenery and shadow of flowers become the visual focus of the space. The kitchen counter is presented to the guests in its original look. The soft light and comfortable furniture in the Chinese restaurant create the changes of shallow and deep. The still square pillars were carved out to resemble a traditional Chinese door, echoing the dynamic carpets and increasing the contrast and tension of the space. The private rooms are simple but elegant. The door buckle on the back of the chair fully demonstrates contemporary Chinese charm.

The hotel owns 368 guests rooms and luxurious suites with fashion and comfort being the main tone. The large glass window provides a panoramic view of the outside. The rooms are equipped with water, sea, mountain and orchid elements, which help cultivate one’s taste while relaxing. The cigar bar is designed around the white staircase, serving as a longitudinal passage that connects the two floors and extends the whole space outward.