UDAD Awards 2019

Third Award- Calque+ | Nikita Zhilyakov workshop

Spaces have a huge amount of cultural and social values in different cultures and also there are a lot of traditional approaches to design a space: Architectural minimalistic approach, complex Interior design with artistic forms and variety of the details, professional decorating, DIY or essential molding of an interior without any plan. Although an interior is an important part of marketing and business models in cafes, bars, and restaurants for those cities where life is rapidly changing every season essentially.


Third Award- Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2019
Firm | Nikita Zhilyakov workshop
Category | Product Design
Team | Nikita Zhilyakov
Country | Russia

New social and economic trends

A lot of changes in society are leading to something new. Places and businesses should be flexible and have to listen to current consumer’s wishes attentively or searching for new groups of clients with new priorities and interests or even new consumer’s generations. Most of them respond to flexible, universal, fast, cheap, eco-friendly design and modern look at the same time. This way, a lot of existed furniture becomes inappropriate for the changing goals or new marketing strategy, business models and responds in ‘lux of less’.

    Encreasing Impracticality of the traditional interior design approach

The life period of trends becomes shorter and professional’s service and materials prices growing up because of different borders and risks. Cities and economy change fast: we have a big quantity of old furniture without any purpose, old fashioned interiors on the rental market, decor without any ideas, a mess in colors and forms after several sequences tenants. Now we need modern approaches oriented to a circular economy and recycle technologies as much as possible, this is the main challenge for modern thinkers.   

    Questions about the Design approach

It’s useful to have some ready-made tools for fast, cheap and easy redesign, preserve the current surroundings, details and organize visual mess to some modern look. This decision should afford not to change good things in the interior because of their design or color and also make an easy possibility for implementing new elements in the future. The result should preserve existing old fashioned things by giving them new values.

    Service and Communication

The Calque material, transparency, colors, and design make the new opportunities for business and their needs. This product is designed from degradable plastic and can be recycled after the usage. In the future, the product idea can be improved on the recycle-subscription basis. A company may collect old covers or certain waste and change them on the next edition of the new covers

    Temporary architecture, object & space

New Approach for the redesigning spaces is a new layer above all interior things: furniture and interior elements. This way we could observe items of old furniture and lights as the new architectural part of the space. This layer is united by one color with improved items outlines. The cover’s layer inverts the traditional priority of layers in the space and develops the furniture’s layer as a key part.

    The design idea

An idea was developed from a capsule wardrobe like the base clothes for furniture. The folding method was inspired by Origami art and minimalistic kimono’s aesthetic. The collaging make translucency increase interest of the spectaculars and mix appearance of the cover and furniture in one blended object with additional meaning in the result