2021 GFD 🏆 Awards

Winner | AION Experience Center | Cityinno Architecture Design Co., Ltd.

The first experience center of the automobile manufacturer AION in China was completed in Guangzhou’s CBD center. As a new energy vehicle that overturns traditional concepts, AION initiated the establishment of in-depth interaction with users. It integrated the exhibition hall, coffee shop and retail shop in the 400-square-meter space, which created a new retail experiencing of new energy vehicle brand that was a leading creation with advanced techology.

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🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2021

AION Experience Center
Interior Design Built 

Cityinno Architecture Design Co., Ltd.

Cityinno Architecture Design Co., Ltd.

Design Team
Vanessa Wang, Leo Yang, Effie Liang, Ares Zhong, Kristy Huang, Ann An, Aland Deng

Guangzhou, Guangdong


©Herman Xu

Cityinno convey the brand’s DNA of advanced, trendy fun and high quality to customer via an attractive entrance, simple interior design and interactive display to enhance more shopping experience. Aims to encourage people to have more enviromental awareness and insterest of new energy vehicle.

AION is committed to providing world-class mobile and intelligent new energy products and services, so as to become a world leading and credible player in promoting sustainable development and creating mobile value. More products are expected to be launched in future, which already opened a new chapter of all-electric automobiles in China. Cityinno will keep striving to delivering solutions in a more efficient and quality way so as to create more sustainable value for clients and our society, and will continue pay efforts to facilitate the development of retial renovation via digital and intelligent means.

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