2020 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Winner: Huizhou Zhonghai Tangquan Resort hotel | Art Spring Design Group Shenzhen

Zhonghai Tangquan Resort Hotel is located in Huicheng District, at the center of hundred miles ecotourism corridor in Huizhou city. It is an oasis hidden in the swamp and valley, with a unique landscape of “one spring, one lake, two rivers and five mountains”.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2020

Huizhou Zhonghai Tangquan Resort hotel
Landscape Design Built

Art Spring Design Group Shenzhen

Shaw Jessica

Design Team
He Jinwei-Design Director and Chief Designer Mao Ying-Concept Designer Li Binbin-Construction Drawing Designer Huang Yongsheng-Structure Designer



©yuan yang

The project is a top boutique resort hotel integrating hot springs, guest rooms, catering, conference and fitness. It consists of Siheyuan courtyards of different sizes. On the basis of maintaining deep historical and cultural heritage of Tangquan, the design intervenes lightly in relationship between use of space and nature to create a unique holiday experience in accordance with local conditions.

Named after “music of nature”, the hotel expresses its perfect fit with the natural comfort of mountain life, and takes cultural temperament of “Chinese architecture, Oriental artistic conception” as the theme to build a leisurely and comfortable resort hotel. Based on traditional Chinese courtyard culture, the design extracts color, art and material from Oriental culture, Chinese architecture and natural landscape. Through combination of Oriental Zen aesthetics, the rich and strong Chinese elements are reorganized and incorporated into the health, nature, and warmth of modern hot springs, presenting the beauty of Chinese artistic conception.

The design of Huizhou Tangquan Resort Hotel combines its own positioning and the surrounding landscape resources, blends the guest rooms, leisure and other entertainment spaces with the spirit of Oriental traditional culture, and creates a private vacation space of lifestyle. With the exquisite design, the closed pattern between the hotel and the surrounding environment has been broken, and the development of the hotel has also positively affected the lifestyle of the surrounding residents.

The strategy of the landscape part of the project is to enhance the “sensation of vacation”. Starting from the overall planning, the design team innovated and upgraded the new Chinese courtyard, integrated into the spatial gardening techniques of Lingnan Gardens. While maintaining the contextual atmosphere, it also considered the promotion of family member relationships during vacation and the protection of privacy. The hot spring pool is arranged in a high-walled courtyard to ensure privacy and enjoy the scenery. The design maximizes the use of private landscapes and highlights the comfort and tranquility of the resort space.

The humanized design of the project provides a space of emotional belonging and cultural identity for the tourists, making living in it a kind of beautiful enjoyment and solving the needs of health care and vacation. The “collective memory” that makes the poetic dwelling has a clear, efficient and feasible carrier.

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