2020 GFD 馃弳 Awards

Winner: Sino-Ocean 路 Grand Canal Milestone by Yangzhou Yuanhang Real Estate Co., Ltd.

The project is the first property development by Sino-Ocean in Yangzhou, with a total construction area of about 65,000m2, a plot ratio of 1.63, and a greening rate of 35%. There are 5 17-story high-rise buildings and 5 bungalows with 6 to 11 floors with lift along the river. It鈥檚 a healthy low-density residential area built along the Grand Canal after Sino-Ocean鈥檚 research of Yangzhou鈥檚 historical context.

Winner- Global Future Design Awards 2020
Firm | Yangzhou Yuanhang Real Estate Co., Ltd.
Architect/Designer | Jia Pengxiang
Category | Housing More than 5 Floors Concept
Team | Jia Pengxiang, Li Jiafeng, Ma Yu, Gao Bo, Zhai Anxin, Fan Xingyuan
Country | China
Photographer/Copyright | 漏Yangzhou Yuanhang Real Estate Co., Ltd.

漏Yangzhou Yuanhang Real Estate Co., Ltd.

With the changes of global environment and people鈥檚 increasing attention on health, 鈥渉ealthy building鈥 has become one of the inevitable trends in the future. The sudden outbreak of the pandemic in 2020 further strengthened the claim of the concept. As a pioneer of China鈥檚 鈥淏uilding Health鈥, Sino-Ocean Group has always upheld the strategic vision of being 鈥渢he creator of healthy building and social value鈥, and took the lead in introducing the American WELL standard into China in 2015, implementing it in Sino-Ocean鈥檚 domestic projects. Currently, Sino-Ocean has more than 20 projects involving residential, commercial and office buildings with WELL certificate (including Gold and Platinum standards), becoming the company with the largest number of certified projects, covering the largest area in China. Besides, Sino-Ocean has 13 projects that have obtained Gold Precertification and 1 Silver Precertification. In addition to the American WELL standards, Sino-Ocean group has established a Health Building Research and Development Center, which is iteratively upgraded based on the practical data of 3,986 groups of nearly 70 projects across the country, and ultimately forming the 鈥淪ino-Ocean Healthy Building System 1.0鈥 which is more suitable for the physical and mental health of Chinese people.

In order to create a future healthy residency that is aligned with the urban texture of Yangzhou, Sino-Ocean has conducted in-depth research on the urban environment of Yangzhou, and the work and lifestyle habits of the local people for the R&D and design of Yangzhou Grand Canal Milestone project. Based on a deep understanding of the city and its residences, Sino-Ocean started off from the Sino-Ocean Healthy Building System, and developed 4 major health dimensions which cover park planning, building units, interior d茅cor, and health culture, implementing 62 health values and creating a full range of healthy residencies. Communal spaces such as a recreational club, a vegetable garden and a runway along the river, are rare in Yangzhou, providing multi-dimensional green services; ingenious craftsmanship such as the French Saint-Gobain formaldehyde decomposition gypsum board and front water processor are used for comprehensive health protection; quintessential apartment types of 109-125m2 have both comfort and practicality. Among them, the apartment types of 125m2 on higher levels are the only one-floor-one-family design in the Yangzhou market, creating a healthy and lively space.

With a residence experience that is most suited for the culture and habits of the Yangzhou people, the project conforms to the development direction of urban architecture, and adopts advanced architectural concepts and properties, refreshing the value standards of urban residencies, and leading the new trend of Yangzhou鈥檚 future green and health.